Live Mesh synch: How to check sync progress to the cloud

While Live Mesh is not nearly feature complete, not even in beta until later in the year, there are some features that would be really helpful, like knowing how far along a synch to the cloud has progressed.  Currently there is no way to find that out using the Live Mesh client, but as our friend Richard Chung pointed out in the Live Mesh Forums, there is a workaround:

There’s no way to get these numbers on the client, but you can get them on the Live Desktop.  It’s a little obscure, but here’s how:
    (1) Open up Live Desktop.
    (2) Hover over the Live Mesh icon on the bottom right to pull up the Notifier.
    (3) Click the folder icon at the bottom of the Notifier (icon #3)
    (4) Click the "Manage folders" link.
    (5) Click the Live Mesh Folder you’re interested in.
At the bottom, there should be two numbers: "Synchronized" and "Overall".  "Overall" is how much data the Live Folder contains; "Synchronized" is how much has been uploaded to the cloud.

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

Navigate to the Live Desktop (either from, or from your Live Mesh icon on your computer), and sign in if necessary.  Follow the steps above, clicking on the Mesh icon (2), then the folder icon (3), and then the Manage folders link (4):

livemeshhowlong4_thumb News

Then highlight the folder you are interested in (5), and check the progress:

livemeshhowlong1_thumb News

We expect that the user experience here will get better as Live Mesh progresses, but it’s good to have at least some indication, especially when synching large files.