Disney + Virtual Earth + Twitter + Flickr = Twisney

What do you get when you combine Disney with Virtual Earth, Twitter and Flickr? You get Twisney! Chris Pendleton, VE Tech Evangelist, writes the following on his blog:

Here’s a unique mashup – Twisney – Virtual Earth, Twitter and Flickr all based on Disney Parks in Orlando. I love this because it’s so simple, yet has some great filtering and searching capabilities. You can filter listings on the months and/or days the Twitters were posted, the park you’re interested in seeing people Twittering or (if you have a favorite user) the user Twittering. …

So, for you Twitter-er’s who are inside of a Disney park you can let people know what you’re up to. Your friends (and other random people) can check out what ride you’re on (like btmr, rnr, tot), where in the park you are or how bad your sunburn is. For you advanced users with camera phones you can upload pictures to Flickr so people can not only read what you’re doing, but they can see a picture of what you’re looking at. ..

And you think that’s cool? Check it out in Bird’s Eye and 3D. Greatness.

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He also lets us know the Virtual Earth Team is hiring! So if you are interested in a job on the team check out his post: Virtual Earth – Now Hiring