The LiveSide List of Windows Live services: new and improved (?!)

We’ve had a LiveSide list of Windows Live services in a couple of forms up for quite some time now, but truthfully we haven’t been faithful in keeping it updated. This week, though, we’re rolling out an early version of our new and improved list.  You can check it out at, which is here:

livesidelist_thumb News

Built on a little SQL database and ASP.Net, the new List includes a list of what we’re calling for now “services”, their products, and some URLs, blogs, and Wikipedia entries.  You can click through to each product and get a set of links, or get a long list of all of the URLs or blogs (more lists coming):

livesidelist1_thumb News

One of the main reasons to take the database approach (along with making it easier to update the lists) is to be able to separate the data from the presentation, and as you can see we need to do some work on presentation, we’re working on it.  Right now we’re more interested in getting the list as complete as we can, so we’ve set up a forum post where you can offer suggestions for additions/subtractions we should make to the list, at LiveSide List Forum.

Anyway it’s been fun putting this together, learning some SQL, ASP.Net, Access 2007, Visual Web Developer, and a little C# all at the same time.  We’’ll continue to work on it over the next month or so, but the basics are working.  Have fun :)

(special thanks to Nick Brown at for all the help :)  )