Microsoft demos Photos + Virtual Earth imagery mashup at Pro Photo Summit

Yet another Microsoft conference, yet more demos of unreleased technology. Today and tomorrows events is the Pro Photo Summit, which Kip, Brandon Le Blanc, Scoble and others are attending.

Scoble was streaming some of the footage from his mobile phone earlier however Kip just sent me a video of a new technology being demoed. Called “DeepPhoto”, this technology uses Virtual Earth imagery and geometric models to enhance photos and provide an immerse experience based on them.

For example, if you take a great photo but its a bit hazy, you can create a filter to remove the haze based on Virtual Earth’s own imagery. In addition, you can put the photo within the Virtual Earth model, and it will extrapolate the actual image onto the surrounding terrain. While not earth-shattering, enabling these kinds of cool scenarios is great and something we could perhaps imagine Photo Gallery having in the future*.

Check out the video below and see what you think. Note that DeepPhoto is not yet available to users.

Video: Virtual Earth Demo at Microsoft Pro Photo Summit –

*Note we have no knowledge that this is being worked on.