Live Mesh Is Indeed Now Open

By Sunshine | In News | Posted July 16, 2008 5 comments

Where we were wondering before, we can now confirm that Live Mesh is indeed open to anyone with a valid Windows Live ID. Open to anyone in the US without having to adjust a thing, and open to anybody elsewhere in the world willing/able to adjust their OS’es region and language setting to EN-US. The announcement has been made on the Live Mesh Forum:

Live Mesh is now openly available to anyone in the U.S.

The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce that anyone in the U.S. can now use Live Mesh just by signing in to with a valid Windows Live ID. No sign up needed to participate!

International Customers

With Live Mesh open to anyone in the US, our international friends can join in the fun early as well – with one caveat: you must be willing to change your Windows operating system region and language setting to EN-US. Once you do this you will be able to immediately sign in to Live Mesh with a valid Windows Live ID. Please be aware that this may cause other applications that specifically require your native country region and language settings to encounter problems.


Once you’ve begun using Live Mesh, we’d love to hear from you! We are working hard to create the best experience and appreciate any feedback you have. Please send us feedback using our online form. You can also submit (and view others’) feedback and bugs here on the Microsoft Connect website.

Thank you,
The Live Mesh team

Change region setting? Wait a minute, that requirement was taken out in a previous update! Hmm…anyways if any trouble getting in or installing/running the client software check out these settings (Vista: on the Location and on the Administrative tab in Regional and Language Options).

Update: Turns out there is a cap on the # of new users they are letting in at this time. Check out the followup post for details.

Update2: There is now mobile access to Live Mesh! 

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  • Dabbler

    interesting… I just tried to sign in to Mesh and got this:

    “Thanks for your interest! Our tech preview program is currently full. If you’ve already signed up, we’ll send you an e-mail as soon as more space is available.”

  • zar

    test with hotmail.FR Live ID account with en-us settings = fail :(
    same msg about “full preview program”
    so we’ll see mesh later ;)

  • yanverm

    worked for me after changing from belgium to US English. It’s great to be able to give it a try. First impression: looks nice and works very well. Just two things missing. You should be able to share you’re (some) documents with a url (as in skydrive). And where is the link with other applications of live? E.g. it would be nice in hotmail to attach documents from live mesh. or save attachments directly to live mesh. (the same for spaces, skydrive, office live etc). See also mobile me : one interface for all applications…

  • yanverm

    If I want to use the desktop software, i have to change my regional options to US English too in Windows. Don’t like that much, but it works fine. When it’s available to other regions I will of course set this settings back ;-)

  • actionthomas

    Which settings did you change ? I tried all the options in the control panel, changed from fr_FR to en_US, but Mesh refuses to install :(