Live Mesh Is Open, But With A Cap?

We previously reported that Live Mesh Is Indeed Now Open. Well it is according to the Live Mesh Forum Announcement, but with a possible cap by the looks of it! We apparently created quite a stir in the blogosphere (thanks for the cheer Angus), but also for the Live Mesh Team

Our forum announcement from yesterday got a lot of people talking. We just updated the forum post to clarify exactly what’s going on, but I want to explain here as well.  This week we did two things:

  1. Doubled the maximum number of users we’ll allow to access the Live Mesh Technology Preview.
  2. Simplified the Tech Preview sign-up process.  We’ve removed the requirement to sign up via Microsoft Connect, so that instead you can sign up directly from

The first part of the announcement on the forum has been edited as follows:

Signing up for Live Mesh now!
The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce that we have simplified the signup process for our US customers. We are doubling the upper limit of our technology preview program. Our technology preview is still limited to ensure great performance and experience for our customers. You can now use Live Mesh just by signing in to with a valid Windows Live ID. No waiting list at this time!

Seems they forgot to tell about the cap yesterday, woopsy! So go try and get in now, while supplies last! No guarantees you can still get in at this time but rest assured it will open up for more Live Mesh users over time.