Windows Live Calendar Upgraded

Live Calendar has had an (Wave 3) upgrade whilst I was asleep. No major UI change, but there is some new stuff! Events are now integrated, in other words you can now create events from within Calendar. Old news, check out the other updates below.

livecalendar1_thumb News

You can also subscribe to public calendars, well ehh later anyways as there are problems subscribing to calendars right now.

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I will sure have a look at which ones are available once it is. There may be more changes, there is no official list or announcement available at this time.

Update: A few other bits people have spotted in the comments. There’s now Firefox 3 support, printing can now be done in day/week/month view instead of just agenda view and there’s also some more languages available (no specifics sorry).

For the curious, we’ve heard there are some bits of this update wrapped up in the dogfood test site, which we mentioned previously before Calendar actually rolled out the public beta (no access unless you are an employee, sorry). Here’s an apparent taster of what’s going on behind the scenes: Image removed at the request of Microsoft as it was potentially confusing in the context of this post, unreleased features + UI etc. 

Update 2: More features still appearing. There’s now a Birthdays calendar that is automatically created, which shows all the birthday’s of your Windows Live Contacts. This still appears to be rolling out to people as I didn’t have it 30 mins ago, and Sunshine still doesn’t have it (PicturePan2 had it hours ago). Check the screenshot below. Also the link from Hotmail to Windows Live Calendar now works (finally!) and features a migration screen for new users.

birthday%20calendar%20small News

Update 3: Official blogpost from the Windows Live Calendar Team appeared:   

 New coolness delivered in this update includes:

  1. – Birthday Calendars that automatically create events and reminders for your contacts’ birthdays. (Make sure to add birthdays to your contacts. Add the birthday to your own profile, too: That way others who subscribe to your contact update will get a reminder about your own birthday!)
  2. – iCal Subscriptions that allow you to show calendars that update automatically from around the web. (This will be up and running very shortly!)
  3. – Holiday Calendars that are automatically added to your account depending on what country you’re in. Many more are coming, but in this update, there are holidays for: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Russia, France, the United States, Spain, German and the United Kingdom
  4. A number of user interface changes including the ability to right click on calendars in the calendar list and to reorder that list
  5. Improvements to accessibility functionality, including better tabbing and F6 key support
  6. Additional print views that allow you to print from the day, week and month views
  7. The ability to directly connect to the Windows Live Calendar beta via the calendar tab in Windows Live Hotmail
  8. Vikram S., one of our dev leads, says that we shouldn’t add any more to this list as it will look like we’re trying to squeeze juice from a rock!

Still no Birthday Calendar for me (Sunshine) tho…