Microsoft opens up Live Mesh for basic mobile access

By Chris | In Featured, News | Posted July 17, 2008 24 comments

After a great tip from one of our readers in our first Mesh tutorial, it appears as though the Live Mesh mobile portal has now also been opened up to the public. Available at, the website provides access to the basic functionality of Live Mesh through the browser, albeit without the ability to automatically synchronise folders that comes with a native client application. Its a start however, so here’s our quick walkthrough.

First you’ll need to sign in with the LiveID you use for Mesh. While it can be a bit cumbersome to enter the first time around, the username + password tend to get automatically saved between sessions are not saved between sessions on Live Mesh, which is different to other Windows Live mobile properties.

Once you’ve logged in, the homepage shows the aggregated news feed for all your folders, including new people joining your Mesh and new files/folders that have been created. Across the top of the page there are two tabs, News and Folders

The folders page does exactly what it says, listing out all the directories from your existing Mesh along with the individual news feed and the members of that folder. Functionality such as adding a folder and file is built-in, along with the ability to get at files already in your Mesh – great for getting that important piece of work you didn’t want to email to yourself.

Also available direct from the homepage is the ability to upload mobile photos to your Mesh, which auto-creates a Mobile Pictures folder for you. This is very useful for people without much storage on their mobile device, and provides a great alternative to hooking up your phone to the PC/Mac just to transfer photos across at the end of the day. While transfer will be slow if you don’t have a 3G connection or above, Mesh is definitely not slow, updating the new feed straightaway.

I’ll update this later after I’ve had more of a play. Thoughts welcome!

Update: Turns out it works pretty well on the iPhone too, but no upload feature. The comments show there’s rendering issues with Opera Mobile and Symbian devices, but it works ok on Blackberry (apparently no upload again though?). Keep the details coming, especially concerning which phones do/don’t have upload capabilities.

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Posted July 17th, 2008 at 4:22 pm
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  • VasiS

    Its like a Mobile version of the Live Desktop and doesnt look like an integrated implementation into the mobile device.

  • John Ericson

    It works on Opera Mini too.

  • BuciboLebo

    I noticed today that Live Desktop folders can now display Media View just like the My Pictures folder in Windows Desktop

  • BuciboLebo

    Does not work very well with my Nokia, the news page does not render very well.

  • Alimaggs

    Likewise – running the service on my HTC Touch Diamond which uses the new (next) version of Opera and the screen renders badly – ie. a lot of the stuff is far right (scroll) and the bottom of the page has weird grey boxes.

    But, at least the functionality is there, looking forward to a client model though.

  • yanverm

    It’s running well on my older HTC (Qtek 9100). It’s great to have documents on a secure server, instead of putting them on my mobile phone. You never know when you’re phone gets lost, anyone can see your documents on the phone. Now, they will need a pasw. and login to be able to see your docs. (don’t forget to erase them from your mobile when you download them ;-) )

  • Alimaggs

    I’m assuming the rendering is because of the new opera browser. It renders fine on my old TytnII (which uses IE mobile).

  • yanverm

    it seems the download function still have a bug. the documents you download are having strange signs and you can’t open them after download. maybe that’s whe it isn’t “public” yet ;-)

  • Chris

    yanverm, just tried an image + Word 2007 file and got no problems. Definitely submit feedback though if you can reproduce.

    Interesting that Opera Mobile doesnt’ show it too well. Anybody tried it with an iPhone? ;)

  • Archis Gore

    Chris is right, it’s no fun if you try it only on windows mobiles. Lets get some experiences with other phones – iPhone, Symbian devices, Motorola devices, etc.

  • timsline

    Works good so far on my AT&T Tilt. I’ll mess around with it some more today.

  • kevbar

    I am not able to add files to the folders. What was cool though is that I was able to delete files using my phone and I could sit in front of my computer and watch the sync happen, it was very fast. It also created a live mesh folder on my home computer and work computer for Mobile Pictures. I was able to download some items, but got the red x on others. I am using WM 6.0

  • Chris

    Just a reminder, feedback can be sent direct to the team from the following sites depending on whether you use Connect or not:


    Its obviously helpful to the Mesh team if you can spend a minute giving them all the details about the particular problems you are having. Feel free to put the feedback here too as its helpful to all if we can find solution :)

  • tophtucker

    Awesome. This should be built into Windows Mobile 7. :)

  • taimurasad

    top stuff by MS.. going to try this now!

  • Lorenc

    Wow, this is incredible. Just tried it. All my mesh is now available at the click of a button. Can’t wait for the actual mobile client.
    The ‘add picture’ link in the main page was a smart decision as it saves a lot of click. Also the automatic ‘mobile pictures’ folder creation. First class implementation from MS. Looking forward to what’s coming in the next couple of months and then at PDC.

    P.S. I agree with some of the other comments above about testing it out on other phones. And the built in feature for mobile 7 should be awesome too.

    P.P.S. I think it would be great to have it linked to the windows live client already out on phones and getting mail integrated, contacts……holy crap, let me stop now and take a deep breath.

  • kevbar

    I just tried add a picture to the mobile pictures folder and got it to work and then synch to 2 computers. Still seems a bit sporadic, but love the feature.

  • JesseHerrold

    Basically works from a Blackberry. For the most part it looks the same as your screenshots. I can download files from the Mesh, and create folders. No options found for uploading. UTC times displayed aren’t very helpful.

  • tophtucker

    It more or less works from an iPhone, although the upload photo feature (aka one of the best features) doesn’t.

  • tophtucker

    Oops, didn’t see the update, you already knew that, I suppose. :)

  • Sun Chan

    I thought iPhone doesn’t support upload of files from a browser, in general.

  • ScottIsAFool

    I tried it with my N95 and it worked fine, uploaded the file and within 30 seconds the file was on my desktop :)

  • breakall

    I am testing Live Mesh with my iPhone 3G. I have been able to successfully test:

    Download and view photo
    Download and view Word document
    Create a new Mesh folder

    When I try to “Add pictures from device”, the Add button is grayed out.

    When I try to download an MP3, Safari opens Quicktime, which tells me that it is not a valid movie file. :-(

    All in all, this is a great first step and I am thrilled with how it’s working so far!

  • SteveBallmer

    We will rule this type technology!