Microsoft Global Exchange: Ballmer, Ozzie rock

By Kip Kniskern | In Featured, News | Posted July 20, 2008 9 comments

Microsoft just wrapped up its annual Global Exchange, known by one and all as MGX.  This year it was in Atlanta, where 13,000 Microsoft employees, sales and marketing types, and evangelists gathered to get pumped up and ready to sell, sell, sell.  And from the looks of one photo we came across, MSN and Windows Live are high on the list:


Here’s a closer look at the slide:


(notice it says "Google" in the red box with the X through it)

From all the Twitter messages and various postings we’ve been spotting, it was a good show.  Steve Ballmer was in fine form, not only doing the monkey boy dance but crowdsurfing, as you can see in this short video:

Attendees also apparently saw some of the new ads for Vista, coming out later this year, and one attendee "got goosebumps – just, wow" (we won’t name him as he already expressed concern about getting fired ;)  ).  Ray Ozzie, and Microsoft Research were also apparently in fine form, with hints at plenty of cool stuff coming for PDC (yes, we’ll be there, will you?).

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  • BasP

    So… at what point in that video is he crowdsurfing?

    Anyway, interesting, Praise for those ads from one marketing guy isn’t exactly a great endorsement, but we’ll see when they arrive. Anyone know when that’ll be?

  • Alber1690

    @BasP: Steve was crowdsurfing from 1:37-1:54.

    They need to stop building up all this suspense for the Vista marketing and show them to the world already! They said they were for the summer and I want to enjoy them while I’m on break and get to catch them all across TV networks.

  • Alimaggs

    “Fantastic Brand and Marketing”

    Good. About time.

    Easy to do. Drop the “windows” from “windows live” and move everything to the domain ( never made sense), push on the social networking. Give live search its own domain name, rebrand, and do some good/funny/clever advertising. MSN, keep for content.

    The thing that irks me, as a user, and as a person that gets called by family/friends every time a computer query comes up, is that Windows Live has great products, is a great search engine (finally!), and yet nobody knows about the cool things they can do. It’s so completely not easy to get into.

    I mean, if I wanted to find out about windows live, where would I go? “Imagine Windows Live” (out dated, old), (nobody can find it easy enough), (ranks poorly in the search engines),

    I’m looking forward to MS being a bit smarter over wave 3. There’s such great stuff going on, it just isn’t, in my opinion, being pushed enough and the brands are still utterly confusing, especially to the less technically dependent.

  • yertthedestroyer

    This isn’t public enough. We need FTP now!

  • quikboy

    What’s with the Swedish flags?

    And the first picture and the video show a bunch of difference screens going on at once. How can people keep up?

    I also never heard of MGX before this post. Is it new? There wasn’t even a clear site about it. I’m not even sure what to make of what happened at MGX, but just promises and goals that Microsoft hopes to achieve for Windows and Windows Live.

  • Kip Kniskern

    Quikboy. MGX is not new, but it is an internal Microsoft event, not open to the public. I’m sure there are plenty of internal websites related to it. We’re not sure what to make of it either, but thought it would be fun to pass along the mentions we found regarding this internal event.
    If nothing else, it points out the difficulties in keeping anything under wraps when you invite 13k geeks with cameras to come from all over the world (including Sweden, even!), and let them loose.

  • Chris

    Yup we’ve mentioned it a couple of time, including for last year’s event:

  • Alber1690

    I just realized how much I love that picture…lol. With Steve on hundreds of screens and pointing down, with “HEROES” splashed all over the background…and to top it all off, the crossed-out Google…HAHA. Thanks for pointing it out Kip ;p

    @Alimaggs: Very good points…well said.

  • BasP

    @Alber1690: He’s just.. running through the crowd, high-fiving. Cool, but not crowdsurfing.