Windows Live Photo Gallery Will Soon Recognize Faces In Pictures

 Digital Inspiration unveils a little bit about the face recognition in the upcoming Windows Live Photo Gallery:

Imagine this. You connect a digital camera to your PC for transferring photos and the software is able to recognize family members and friends in the photos by their faces.

(Clarification update: the photo below was created by Digital Inspiration from a photo from Riya Visual Search, and the current version of WL Photo Gallery, for illustration purposes.  Digital Inspiration has updated their post to reflect this, at our request)

windowslivefacerecognition News

Well that’s something new coming in the new release of Windows Live Photo Gallery – it will include a special “Face Recognition” feature where the software will automatically recognize different faces in in your personal pictures and will also let you add those names as tags.

Don’t know how they know but they also manage to tell that the first beta is expected sometime in September. We’ll be on the look out!

Thanks Picturepan2 from LiveSino, for tipping us on this one.