Here comes v11 – new look, hotmail integration, more


Looks like we’ll be seeing a new homepage soon, even though it leaves Mini-Microsoft cold:

And some of the projects he’s (ed: Kevin Johnson) interested in and driving just leave me cold (e.g., the upcoming MSN UI revamp. It puts the F in WTF).

(Update: this update, which will be new to the US (hey, I thought we were supposed to get everything first!), is already in service in Great Britain (elsewhere?), and known as v11.  Apparently Mini is upset about v12, which one commenter below says is coming by the end of the year – we’ll have to wait and see on that)

The new home page features Windows Live, with Hotmail, Messenger, and Spaces tabs on the front page, in a Vista Sidebar looking design.  Here’s the new page:

msnv11_thumb News

Compare that to the current page:

msncurrent_thumb News

A tour of the new page is up, apparently from HP, at

And you can check out the new homepage:

Some nice blog entries by astute readers:

Albert, at WYNK (What You Need to Know) and Michael, at MSFT and the Future (Hi Quikboy!)