Windows Live Video Messages site is live for now (it says Sept 9th)

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted August 20, 2008 16 comments

Thanks for the comments in the last post, it appears that Windows Live Video Messages is up and running, at  Sign in with a Live ID, and give it a try (you may have to back out of the screen saying it will be up on 09/09.


lc=1033 is the location code for US, so of course the usual non US issues may apply.  A very quick first glance shows a simple but interesting new service, if you’re into webcams and video messages.  I’ll let the webcam pros give a more detailed review, but for now you can try it out.

Posted August 20th, 2008 at 8:26 am
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  • damaster

    It’s powered by Silverlight 2.0!

  • Khristopher

    What’s with the ugly font being used for “coming soon” and the “submit” button on the media page. Ick!
    Looks so cheap and unprofessional.

  • derviskemal

    why not just implement this into messenger!

  • Stephen

    The site renders horrendously in FF3 and the Lifecam Gadget lik is pointing to and lands as a 404.

  • quikboy

    Like everyone else said, why not just integrate this into WLM? It’ll be available for many users, and it already requires a Live ID it seems. The LifeCams are nice I guess, but a lot of notebook and even desktops come with built-in cams these days, so it’s dumb if you need a LifeCam to get the job done.

    And I want Microsoft to add some webcam effects and goodies to WLM, like iChat. And multiple webcam conversations. That’d make WLM a more better all around IM client.

  • VasiS

    The actual ActiveX plug-in that will be installed in is commented out in the HTML page.

    object id=”VideoCaptureCtl” classid=”CLSID:B87A4DE2-57A3-41CA-8781-89D43EA6EEF4″ codebase=”ClientBin/” style=”width: 1px; height: 1px;”

    I saved the HTML page, un-commented it and opened the page from the local location (the relative paths ClientBin/ needs to be changed to then the required ActiveX is installed.

    After the ActiveX is installed i went to and i see the silverlight control. But the page is redirected to “unauthorized access” kind-of page because the footer is refering to (there’s also a comment in the HTML page saying “This is used to acquire MSN LiveID cookie, should be replaced with an offical auth to avoid displaying”)

  • VasiS
  • Chris

    RE: Why this isn’t in Messenger. I spoke to a few people in WL and none of them really knew that much about this. Suggests the site is developed by the LifeCam team, which is why its not integrated in Messenger.

    Maybe we’ll see them joined in Wave 4 :P

  • orionll

    Talking about Wave 4 already!? :P

    I’ve yet to learn much about Wave 3! (Keep the good info coming! ;) )

  • VasiS

    It looks like users get 2.0GB of storage in

    some more screenshots @

  • foaf

    Is it like desktop video voicemail?
    Definitely should be in WLM

  • BV2312

    @foaf: Yeah it looks like it…

    I wonder if this will catch on, whatever happened to microsoft doing voicemail via e-mail from your mobile phone?

  • Stephen

    So if we integrate the application as a ‘Live Mesh Application’ where your videos are sync’d with your ‘Friends Live Mesh’ is that Wave 6? 7? 8?

    Again, the cynical side of me and ‘Windows Live Brands’ being released that appear as if that ‘Live Team’ has never spoken with ‘That other Live Team’.

    It brings back the whole Windows Live branding issues again, eg. WLW using MSN Groups without being given a high priority to get them straight into a MS Newsgroup & MS Connect for feedback, bugs & suggestions. Now we just get spammed from the WLW MSN Groups dependent upon our MSN Groups email/digest settings.

    If something is to be released under the brand ‘Windows Live’ some of the basic core of what ‘Windows Live’ should be and what it actually is are some of the problems Microsoft & the Windows Live teams need to get sorted.

  • Hb8

    @Stephen – “Again, the cynical side of me and ‘Windows Live Brands’ being released that appear as if that ‘Live Team’ has never spoken with ‘That other Live Team’.”

    You’re absolutely right. After a brief but bright shining moment of Microsoft glasnost when the Live services were first announced and released, there appeared to be great communication between Live teams and the users as well. Now it’s like trying to get information across Checkpoint Charlie. Nyet! This is what is dooming Live. Cant’ even count the number of services or planned features that were either announced but never implemented, or done so poorly that it was forgotten and mothbolled within months. Not only that, but MS doesn’t even promote features services themselves. Just core stuff like Hotmail and Messenger.

  • nikhil_jain

    MS is going to release IE8 Beta2 on Aug 28 and Final version on Nov 2008.

    folks who already have IE 8 Beta 1 installed will get Beta 2 via Automatic Updates

    So.. only 7 days to go..

  • joeale

    Will this intergated in two windows live messager is there any info on this out there.