Microsoft to introduce new laser mouse, (LifeCams ?) the same day as Apple unveils new iPods

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted September 1, 2008 1 comment

NX8000_Stand_2NX8000_AFront_FY08_thb_jpg Next Tuesday, September 9th, for some strange reason is shaping up to be a Battle of the Hardware Announcements.  On the same day that Apple is widely expected to unveil a new line of iPods, which apparently only Kevin Rose has seen, Microsoft is planning the release of a new (Edit: doh, should read  “new not-a-laser mouse”, as in “Say Goodbye to Laser“) laser mouse, which they’re teasing on Microsoft Hardware. However we’re also expecting a new line of LifeCams, including the LifeCam vx 5500 (which we told you about last month), and an as yet unseen (until now) LifeCam Show – the nx 8000 (product page on Microsoft Hardware Germany, and product fact sheet, both in German).  According to Windows Live Translator, the fact sheet reads, in part:


1. Maximum flexibility owing to sophisticated mounting options
2. Video on High Defi nition level and hochaufl ösende photos
3. Optics with 5-fold zoom shot and microphone with intercarrier noise suppressor of


• Style meets mobility: Ultrafl the ache and compact housing is held in noble black with silver resplendent edge

• Innovative attachment mechanism – the LifeCam can be attached very fast by special mounting plate and attachment disk at the flat screen and becomes with the graceful designed table stand to the Design object for the desk

• High-quality optics with genuine glass elements and 5-fold zoom shot • Hochaufl eye that image sensor for videos with 2 megapixels (native) and brilliant photos with 8 megapixels (interpolated)

• Crystal-clear clay/tone owing to microphone with intercarrier noise suppressor

• Compatibly to all common fair gladly – Windows Live, Skype, Yahoo, AOL uvm.

• More fun with „the Videofonieren “with the new LifeCam software with many special effects and sophisticated functionality

In other news, There are already circulating rumors of a 120 gb hard drive Zune, and a 16gb flash one, along with a new blue Zune (oooh aaahhh), which are slated to come out soon, too.  Coincidence?

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  • Stephen

    When Microsoft decide to release drivers for the “Microsoft Fingerprint Reader & x64 Vista” (Google that and #1 Result) my opinions on purchasing Microsoft Hardware may change, until then no Microsoft Hardware purchases until they write (or license) drivers for their own operating systems and hardware.



    (Apologies Liveside going political here :P)