Live Mesh : CAUTION: Deleting Folders From Your Mesh Or Changing Folder Synchronization Settings Will Stop Synchronization Of That Folder On All Devices

The Live Mesh team just posted an urgent warning on their forum:

CAUTION: Please do not delete any folders from your mesh or change folder synchronization settings.

The Live Mesh team has discovered an issue with the latest version of the Live Mesh software, and we want to make our customers aware of it immediately. Please see below for a description of the issue and what to do in the meantime. We thank you for your patience.

Issue description

If you stop synchronizing a folder in your mesh with one of your devices or if you delete a Live Mesh folder from one of your devices, that folder will stop synchronizing with all devices in your mesh. If you were sharing the folder, it will also stop synchronizing with other members’ devices. Please note: no data is lost as a result of this issue; the files and folders will remain on the other devices but will no longer be synchronized.


We’re working to resolve this issue, and we’ll post further announcements when the fix begins deploying and again once deployment is complete. In the meantime, please do not delete any folders from your mesh or change their synchronization settings.

Thank you,
The Live Mesh team

Don’t panic now, if you did no data is lost! As said in the warning the files and folders will still be on the other devices, it just isn’t synchronizing anymore. The team is working really hard to get a fix out which, if all goes to plan, will be available later today. So hang on in there, I’ll update this post as soon as it’s available!

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 Update: The update is available now!

Version numbers after the update:
– Live Mesh software: 0.9.3103.14
– Live Desktop: 0.9.3103.13 (no update needed)

Incase you did delete folder(s) or changed synchronization settings, the team posted the following recovery steps:

Recovery steps
If you have folders that have been affected by the issue resolved in this update, follow these steps to restore your folder synchronization settings:
1. Update the Live Mesh software on all of your device to the newest version (listed above).
2. If any affected folders are currently set to synchronize with your mesh, please stop those folders from synchronizing on each of your devices.
        a. Right-click on the folder and select Live Mesh Options, then click Change Sync Settings
        b. For each device, under Synchronize files, select Never with this device.
3.  Once you have removed the affected folders from your mesh, you can then add them back in again by right-clicking the folder and selecting Add folder to your Live Mesh.

I assume you rather not wait for the automatic update: to invoke the update, right click the Live Mesh Notifier in the systray and choose Update Live Mesh