LiveSide weekend catchup

As some of you may have noticed, our RSS feed has been a bit weird this past week, not matching the stories posted on the site. This is now fixed (fingers crossed), but means those lazy RSS readers like myself will have missed our developer and opinion posts. Here’s a quick summary in case you want to catch up:

1 Billion Requests A Month And Counting. Nice One Messenger Team (Developer Blog)

On the eve of Wave 3; the promise and the problems (Opinion Blog)

Microsoft DMCA’s us on Windows Live Wave 3 Messenger info (Opinion Blog)


Its probably also worth recapping our Wave 3 posts this week too:

A picture is worth a thousand words: People Tags in Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 3

Movie Maker to join Windows Live family with Wave 3

Wave 3 Is Coming: Mail with Windows Live Calendar synch

Windows Live Messenger – more new features expected

Windows Live Writer expiry prompt hints at new applications to download in the next month


A quick tip if you want to keep up-to date on all the latest Wave 3 news – bookmark this page: LiveSide posts on Wave 3.