Microsoft Translation goes in-house

A day late on this one, but congratulations anyway to the Microsoft Research Translation Team for making the transition from a third party translation technology to going “in-house”.  From the MSR-MT blog:

  • Translation now fully powered by the Microsoft Translator technology is available through Live Search, as well as IE8, the Windows Live Toolbar, and Windows Live Messenger.
  • All translation pairs on the site (11 English-X, 12 X-English) are powered by Microsoft Research-developed systems.
  • Two transliteration pairs (chs<->cht), courtesy of the Windows International team.
  • For several languages, better language quality.
  • And finally, the release of TBot, a translation bot for Windows Live Messenger.

brazil_thumb_1 News We have a link to Windows Live Translator here on our site – just click the appropriate flag in LiveSide Central (and yes we’re looking for a teeny little Brazilian flag – no offense intended!).  Has Microsoft’s machine translation improved?  If you use it (and from our analytics we know that some of you do), let us know what you think.

Windows Live Translator

Windows Live Messenger Translator Bot now available