A little LiveSide housekeeping

logo_thumb News As you might have noticed, we’ve made some more changes on our site – mostly to make better use of the capabilities of Community Server 2008.  Included in the new version are provisions for “widgets”, which we’ve added to the sidebar, making it easy for us to add, modify, or remove sidebar content.  Community Server first featured these widgets with Graffiti, and now they’ve added them into CS.  We’ve included the latest Windows commercials featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld just for fun, and to check out our video capabilities.  Sunshine has added a WorldMap, which she wrote about in July, featuring Virtual Earth and a lot of statistical information (although no personally identifiable info, don’t worry).  Click on the WorldMap in the sidebar to see the stats.

A big addition for us here is that we fixed our Views counter.  Sorry to say that we’ve lost a lot of information on the views our posts have received since we upgraded the site, but they’re working again now.

We’ve also slimmed down the look and feel a bit – this is still a work in progress but in looking at our stats we still have a significant number of visitors using IE6, which had problems with all the rounded corners, etc.  We also found that a gray background didn’t work so well when placing images with any kind of a white background, so we removed it from the posts. As always happy to accept any feedback, suggestions, etc.

Most of the work we’ve been doing to move to a new web host and upgrade our software is now behind us, just in time for lots of Windows Live goodness just ahead.  Like most upgrades, there were some bumps and bruises, but thanks to Nick Brown, Community Server, The Planet, and all of you, we are back hopefully better and stronger than ever.

One last note: we’ve been really proud of all of you and your sneaky genius work.  But, just a reminder that as the betas for Wave 3 begin, please be mindful of any NDAs you are under as beta testers, and please do not comment (here, or anywhere else publicly) on any NDA information.  If it’s public, then great.  If it’s public but no one has found it yet, even better!  But if you are under NDA for *any* beta, please be mindful of our Manifesto, and don’t attempt to post NDA information here.  We get ourselves in enough trouble as it is ;).  Thanks.