New Windows Live Betas – Download Wave 3 Now! (Updated With International Goodness)

By Chris | In Featured, News | Posted September 16, 2008 24 comments

With the Windows Live Wave 3 beta due to start today, we thought we’d provide our readers with a small headstart on the rest of the world. Here’s the download links for the new Wave 3 suite of applications, including Messenger v9, Windows Live Movie Maker, Mail with Calendar synchronisation, Writer, Photo Gallery, Family Safety and the Outlook Connector. For the paranoid amongst you, yes the files are hosted on (only downloads the applications you select)
image (downloads all the applications, you can chose which ones to install)

Enjoy, and stay tuned for our reviews of the Windows Live Wave 3 beta application coming soon. In the meantime you can check out our previous posts tagged Wave 3 regarding the new applications or subscribe to our RSS feed to be alerted to the new posts coming later today.

Here’s some sample screenshots just to wet the appetite!


            messenger M2mail calendar

PS: If you have the Writer CTP or any other Wave 3 products installed, you should uninstall them first.

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Update: My Live Writer MVP cohort Stephan Walcher has managed to find the installer links for some of the other languages:






Some more from Dwergs at









If you find any more, please let us know in the comments.

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  • Khristopher

    Sweet! Thanks for posting this. I’ll have lots to say later, I’m sure ;) Downloading now!

  • BV2312

    This is interesting, Chris published the blod but Scott has signed it SL? LOL

    P.s Thanks for the head start, I knew you guys were hiding stuff from us :<

    Lets the Beta begin! Any news on WL Hotmail, Skydrive etc?

  • Alsancak

    i need to msi installer to install win 2008 server.
    i can i get ?

  • ScottIsAFool

    Haha, forgot about that :) I added in a couple of screenshots and I have a Writer plugin that automatically puts in the SL bit when I publish :) It is Chris’ post though, I’ll manually edit the SL.

  • ian-live

    Oh BOY YES!

  • BV2312


  • mrx9898

    dear monkey-ball jesus yess!!!! :) installing as we speak :)

  • BV2312

    Well WL Mail is already unistalled. 2 reasons, it automatically selects contacts to ‘update contact’ and second reason it’s the same as Outlook but I can get outlook to sync to my phone (Nokia PC Suite and not WL Mail.

  • ian-live

    OK so Movie Maker needs a helluva lot of work doing to it but it’s a start.
    And FINALLY, Photo Gallery has a straighten tool.
    Wow, they’ve removed all the icons from buttons too everywhere! It’s… different

  • surilamin

    Thank you!!! Downloading now…

    One small suggestion, when I sign in, could you re-direct me to the page I was on, instead of the main page?

  • ScottIsAFool

    @surilamin Unfortunately, that’s from the Windows Live ID part, we have to provide a return url when creating the application so we can use WLID, so we had to use the home page.

  • apollo

    yippie! Photosynsth is integreated in WL Photo Gallery (Extras>Create a Photosynth). I don’t know if this is only whne Photosynth is already installed or if the Installer installs Photosynth, too. (There was already Photosynth on my machine)

  • ScottIsAFool

    @apollo i think its when you have photosynth installed. I also have AutoCollage 2008 installed and I get an option for that too in the smae place as the photosynth option.

  • orionll

    Great info there!!!!!

    Downloading and installing now! :)

    Thanks again!

  • Hansjuh
  • maza89
  • kelvin

    why is that my custom emotions won’t show up on the chat windows but the recipient can see that?

  • someone

    Obviously Movie Maker will never be available because it uses Vista’s DWM and Direct3D 9 as well. We (while they’re still in beta) need to force MS to port a decent video editor to XP.

    Btw, wasn’t the Wave 3 initially supposed to be only for a select group of testers? It’s public straightaway? Goood! : )

  • VasiS

    did you guys notice the last screen o the installer

    “Set live search as the default search provider in your browser, AND PREVENT PROGRAMS FROM INTERFERING WITH THIS CHOICE”


    “Help improve search results by allowing Microsot to collect information about the websites you visit. Microsoft will never use this information to personally identify or contact you”


  • VasiS

    “Set live search as the default search provider in your browser, AND PREVENT PROGRAMS FROM INTERFERING WITH THIS CHOICE” when this choice is selected in the WL installer. A firefox add-on called “Microsoft ChoiceGaurd 1.1″ is installed to “prevent” from changing the search providers.?? But it doesnt prevent from changing the search providers I was able to move successfully from Live Search to Google without any trouble.


  • hmhoek

    @VasiS Certain other search engine toolbars poll the default search engine provider setting and reset it if it’s changed. Basically, if you have X toolbar, and later you set the provider to, X will silently revert it from to X.

    X is the sleazy party here, gets the blame though for trying to block X’s bad behavior.

  • rgonzruiz

    Is there a way to install on Win XP x64 or must I install in another “valid” OS and use the extracted msi installers as before?

  • Corsair
  • Bill_G

    Help Toolobar does not have FormFill