Official Windows Live download site goes live

Oh Hai. Looks like has now been switched on, so if you still haven’t installed the new Windows Live Wave 3 betas that we posted earlier today, now is your chance. Anybody else notice that the Wave 3 header on the public site isn’t the same Wave 3 header as on the private beta sites?

Chris Jones also made a post a few hours ago, giving some chat very similar to that which we’ve seen over on the e7 blog. Chris talks of feedback loops and impact on design, yet anybody who’s ever tested a Windows Live beta (especially Messenger) knows the beta feedback loop tends to jump over to the release. He also talks of regular blogging, so you all better enjoy these few months of posts from the Windows Live teams, before the silence begins again!

Bonus link goes to Long for dissecting the new ribbon-UI (“Windows Scenic”) in Movie Maker and in the new Windows 7 applications such as Paint.


Here’s a quick recap of the LiveSide Windows Live beta reviews so far:

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