Wave 3: Windows Live Mail – Calendar, Calendar, Calendar (And More)

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted September 17, 2008 23 comments

When you install Windows Live Mail, either for the first time or as an upgrade to an older version, go straight to Calendar.  For the first time, Windows Live has a complete, working, beautiful, and fun calendar.

First of all, it’s beautiful.  Clean, elegant, simple.  Even though it works in harmony with the online Windows Live Calendar, you’ll want to use the Live Mail version (and that’s the beauty of software + services!).


While Google Calendar has taken over much of the early adopter market share, Windows Live had to wait for Feedsync to get to a point where it could be deployed.  That’s been painful in the short term.  In the long run, it’s a calendar (and a sync mechanism) worth waiting for.

Creating an event is simple, just click on a day and start filling out information:


Or you can enter an email directly as a Calendar event:


Just right click on an email, add to calendar, and input the date information, and save.  Once you do, you just click on the event on your calendar, and the body of the email is included.


And then of course all of the information you’ve entered into your Windows Live Calendar from Live Mail is available anywhere you can log into www.calendar.live.com, including that email you linked.  Online, you just mouseover to see the info from the email (but it’s not as pretty!):


The online Windows Live calendar, with sharing via invitation or publicly, anywhere access, and connection to other calendars is still there of course, but now you can control it from your desktop.  Of course you can also create a Windows Live Event online, and add it to your calendar.  At this point that functionality is pretty basic, but we’ll see how much and how soon that changes ;). 

Oh, and yes there is more in the new Windows Live Mail.  Aside from a bit of a facelift, and what unscientifically seems to be much snappier performance, there’s a new button to “Check Names and Email”, and some improvements to the Newsreader (long newsgroup names now wrap, instead of being cut off, for one). There will be new functionality around Photo Emails once you send them, but the basic functions in Windows Live Mail remain the same.  And that’s good.

We’ve been using Windows Live Mail to manage our LiveSide email for our individual accounts and for feedback and tips, and it already has been far superior to Outlook, even with the Connector, for managing multiple Hotmail accounts.  Now with better performance and a new calendar, we’re even happier.

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  • http://www.liveside.net/members/DavidK/default.aspx DavidK


  • http://www.liveside.net/members/surilamin/default.aspx surilamin

    Glad to hear its better than the Outlook connector, was not too impressed with it.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/nikhil_5F00_jain/default.aspx nikhil_jain

    Any idea have new Hotmail will be available..??

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/yanverm/default.aspx yanverm

    And if the (multiple) calendars created here would also sync (over the air) with windows mobile devices, it would be a killer application!

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/alsiladka/default.aspx alsiladka

    Cannot start Windows Live Mail. On the first start, it imported the calendar from Windows Calendar. But hang after the main screen of WLM appeared. I had to kill it via Task Manager.
    But no on start it says that since the Calendar data is corrupted, it is preventing WLM from starting!

    After giving it a few more starts, it started all over again, but with the same result. The app hangs and does not even let me click on the close button.

    When i started it from the New Mail counter in Messenger, it started successfully.
    A bad start, hope it makes up.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/alsiladka/default.aspx alsiladka

    They have removed all the icons from the command bar!! Only text on the pale bar, make it difficult to read what button it is.

    Any wat to bring the icons back?

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/rieuwa/default.aspx rieuwa

    Calendar in WLM + online integration ! Yessssssssss!!!!! Finally!

    It works beautifully for me…. not sure about the new light colour scheme though……

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Fredrik/default.aspx Fredrik

    The new calendar is great and looks good. However, why are Contacts still not integrated into the interface? I just hate it so much that every time I accidentally press the contacts bar a new window pops out.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/technogran/default.aspx technogran

    Yes at last we have a calendar in Windows Live Mail! It was one of the most requested features way back when Windows Live Mail Desktop first saw the light of day as a beta, and its been a long time coming.

  • http://www.ogden2k.net/ Ogden2k

    I really like having the calendar feature, this is going to be very handy. I can now move from Windows Calendar and have access to my dates anywhere.

    Does anyone know if MS is going to allowing syncing of Outlook Exchange calendar data? Windows Cal can but so far hotmail version cannot.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/tekfan/default.aspx tekfan

    I agree with alsiladka. The text-only options in the toolbar are too faint. When I saw the first screenshot of WLM Wave 3 here on LiveSide, I thought the text-only toolbar was “interesting” but now that I’m using WLM Wave 3, I think the text is too faint.

    I thought, well let me change the color scheme to the darkest color, maybe it’ll make the text color, but no, it’s still a little too faint. And now the space between the remaining icons in the toolbar has gotten wider, so some optoins are pushed off the list.

    I like that the message header has been shrunken compared to the previous one.

    It’s a beta, so I hope something might change…

    Overall, I like the new WLM, and Calendar is awesome! Finally!

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Ogden2k/default.aspx Ogden2k

    I also noticed that the send/receive button is missing, interesting as this is a butto I use while at work.

  • sab0tage

    How can I add (or subscribe) to UK holidays?

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/tekfan/default.aspx tekfan

    Ogden2k: The Send/Receive button is still there, but it’s been “pushed off” the toolbar because of the new text-only options. To view/use the Send/Receive button, click on the little “>>” icon on the toolbar. If the Send/Receive button isn’t there, right-click the toolbar | Customize Tool and add the option to the toolbar.

    I have my Send/Receive option to 10 minutes but sometimes I do hit the button when a message is stuck.

    You can also hit the F5 key on your keyboard.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Chris/default.aspx Chris

    UK Calendar:

    See the calendar help file for the full listing.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Baka_2D00_dono/default.aspx Baka-dono

    Does the calendar support ICS calendar objects?

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Ogden2k/default.aspx Ogden2k


    I does but you need to subscribe to them within hotmail calendar. However, it seems as though in its beta form you cannot subscribe to HTTPS or WEBCALS, I hope that changes- does anyone know if it will?

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Ryan/default.aspx Ryan

    Love It! The one feature it is lacking is SkyDrive integration. Imagine if you could connect and manage all your SkyDrive files from WLM.

  • someone

    ++ Calendar
    — No ability to launch calendar or contacts standalone or even directly, must first launch WLMail
    — Takes even longer to start than Outlook 2007 on my Core 2 Duo
    — Bland and too faint UI with all the colorful icons removed!
    — No export to ICS in Calendar (such a fundamental thing)

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/mrx9898/default.aspx mrx9898

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WL Mail won’t work for me! it says another program caused it to close!!! DAMMIT! Any ideas how I can get around this? It happens every time..

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Kip-Kniskern/default.aspx Kip Kniskern

    @Someone – ICS is available, as well as a direct link without opening Mail (if you want to think of it that way) from the online calendar at http://calendar.live.com

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/yanverm/default.aspx yanverm

    according to: http://mailcall.spaces.live.com (official live mail blog):

    Windows Live Calendar Beta will be upgraded September 18

    The Windows Live Calendar Beta service will be upgraded on Thursday, Sept 18. The service is expected to be unavailable for a few hours starting around 3 PM Pacific time. Your data is safe and will be available to you after the upgrade.

    We hope you’ll like the new features you’ll see in the Windows Live Calendar Beta. We’ll say more about new features after the upgrade is complete!


    The Windows Live Calendar Team

  • Nimbvs

    Ayayay, FINALLY! It looks so clean… Great! I don’t have to be ball-and-chained to ugly Outlook anymore…