Windows Live Calendar Gets New Wave 3 Look And To Do List

The Windows Live Calendar upgrade announced here has now completed. It now has a new look and the thing that one notices right away is that it now has the Wave 3 header. Wave 3 header? Yea the one with themes!

wlcthemes_thumb_080c7ca9 News

Hmm wonder why they call it scenes in Messenger

So themes, but what else? New features? Yes, Windows Live Calendar now has a  To Do List!

wlctodoaddtodo_thumb_35ca1fa1 News  

If you click on None in the fields behind Due Date you will be presented with a Calendar in one and a timetable in the other. You can set the priority too, choices are High, Normal and Low.

 wlctodo5_thumb_5f7d74c7 News

And there’s my To Do list. Pretty cool!

If you have IE8 beta 2, you may want to set it to compatibility view for Windows Live Calendar. I’ve noticed a few problems in standard mode myself, the most notable below.

What it should look like – IE8b2 compatibility mode:

wlcie8compatmode_thumb_0930c9ee News

What it looks like when not in compatibility mode:

 wlc-ie8firstloadnoncompatm_thumb_3da17669 News

As you can see it’s all cramped up and the birthdays now changed into a link saying “1 more”. But that’s not all! Go and scroll, you’ll see the Birthdays “disappear”, well from where they should be…this is the result after scrolling a bit:

wlcafterscrollnoncompatie8birthd_thumb_045ae9a7 News

The birthdays have moved to the first square in the week they should be in, all mashed up at that…can’t tell what it is till you hover over it :(

Did you know: you can manage your calendars with Windows Live Mail


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