Silverlight: MSN UK’s New Experimental Viewer

In an attempt to provide an enhanced, fresh, new browsing experience, MSN UK created Viewer.

Viewer utilizes Microsoft Silverlight technology and is a window into all parts of the portal, from Cars to Entertainment to News. As such it doesn’t replace your homepage or the section homepages, it’s a whole new way of navigating MSN Content.

msnviewer_5c35e17c News  

On the top row we see 3 articles from various MSN sites rotating on the left and links to 3 videos on MSN Video on the right. Seen one but it has already rotated to the next? Just click the corresponding circle above it to load it into the window again.

To look at one of the subjects in the middle row simply place your mouse cursor on the picture that draws your interest and it will scroll that one to the middle for you. Also very useful is the bottom row with links to Multimap (Virtual Earth), Windows Live Services and background stories on the left, The World In Pictures in the middle and even news topics on the right. Those buttons on the right will show a preview of the MSN homepages News, Entertainment, Cars, Money and Life And Style.

The Viewer is an experiment so your feedback is very welcome. You can leave feedback by clicking the link at the bottom of the site or leave a comment at the MSN Viewer Live Space. The Viewer and your feedback will be used to design future generations of MSN and new ways to offer you news, entertainment as well as useful tools and services.

Hat tip to Rob Margel for this one.

MSN UK Viewer
MSN Viewer Live Space