Hotmail to begin rollout of new, faster release

By Kip Kniskern | In Featured, News | Posted September 25, 2008 59 comments

Windows Live Hotmail will begin to roll out an update starting today.  The new release does away with the “full” and “classic” versions, and combines the two into a simpler, faster service.  Included in the new release:

  • Enhanced address book, allowing customers to easily see emails they’ve exchanged with contacts and keep contacts in one consolidated place to use across Windows Live services.
  • Ever Increasing Storage – 5 GB to start, with an additional 500 MB per month if customers hit their limit
  • Integrated web-based IM with Windows Live Messenger*
  • Improved spam fighting technologies that significantly reduce spam.
  • Integrated calendar features and Outlook Connector.

*Some features will take several months to reach all users globally

Leave us a note in the comments if you’re seeing a new, improved Hotmail

Posted September 25th, 2008 at 7:38 pm
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  • jonathanyaniv

    Nothing yet….

  • vdelvecchio

    Nothing yet here, either.

  • cleitondj

    same wave old here LOL

  • Imran Hussain

    ok, I’m still seeing the old Hotmail and it suddenly doesn’t look nice in anticipation of the one!

  • DN2004

    Cool, same old thing here too

  • surilamin

    Same old here…

  • Drazick

    Does it include messenger conversation log just like Gtalk?
    I wanna be able to keep my logs in my hotmail account.

  • natenovs

    ive got the updated hotmail.

    it looks like the new calendar.
    integrate messenger, its not quite like gmail’s chat, but you can go through you contant list and im people that are online.
    you can pop from other email accounts
    it is definately faster – and works great with ie7/ie8/ff3

  • DN2004

    I am curious what bay are you on I know the bay trick no longer works but gives me an idea if its going in bay order or not

  • DN2004

    Also not that I use chrome, but I noticed I had issues when I tested chrome with hotmail, does it work fine in that?

  • orionll


    Nothing here, though, yet…

    What bays are they running on?

  • BV2312

    Do this, if your change then list the bay location of ur hotmail account which can be obtained from ur url… Nothin on bay131

  • BV2312

    Nothing on bay117 or Bay115

  • C0rk

    I haven’t seen anything yet, but I agree w/ imhassan ~ the old version just doesn’t seem as cool when you know the new look is out there somewhere.

    I’m also enrolled in Hotmail Plus (no ads) so I wonder if it will be rolled to that audience differently.

    I’ll alert you when I see a new look. Thank you for the heads up!

  • luisfelipe

    natenovs, please, tell us what bay are you using and show us screenshots, please!

  • orionll

    Oh, and still old on bay 135.

  • Hb8

    I’ve got it on my Hotmail, had the WebMessenger control for a day, but it appears to have disappeared. Guess they’re rolling it out only on certain bays or what not

  • Hb8

    Umm, scratch that. It’s back again. Wasn’t there this morning.

  • luisfelipe

    Hi Hb8! Can you show us screenshots?

  • Alber1690

    I can easily say never for me…that’s how MSN Premium users are treated nowadays…*sigh*.

  • damaster

    nothing on bay128, 117 or 104

  • vdelvecchio

    Nothing yet on bays 111, 117 and 106

  • Hb8

    Actually, as much as I’d like to write about the changes (not just Hotmail has changed, my whole online Live pages have changed as well), According to the email I’ve received from a Windows Live Community Manager, I’m actually under an embargo until an as yet unspecified time. I’m sure others who are also participating in the limited beta can attest to this as well.

  • tophtucker

    Bay 105 is still Wave 2 and proud of it, haha.

    Actually, that’s a lie. Bay 105 cries itself to sleep at night out of envy of the Wave 3 bays.

  • BTNH Fan

    Nothing here, still the same old header.

  • Khristopher

    I like how the entry says to leave a comment if you ARE seeing the new changes, but 98% of the comments are saying they are not seeing the changes yet.

  • nnbe

    Me too, nothing new yet. Hope it’s worth waiting.

  • stijnkoppelmans

    Not on the following bays:

    No idea wat blu is, but 137 says blu instead of bay

  • alsiladka

    Nothing on bay 143 either!

  • sp1der

    nothing also on

  • luisfelipe

    no wave 3 in 113, 124 too.

  • ranpha
  • stijnkoppelmans

    Thought I’d make a list of old bays.
    So we have an idea of which bays may have changed to Wave 3
    104; 105; 106; 110; 111; 112; 114; 115; 117; 119; 124; 126; 128; 130; 135; 137; 143

  • nemove15

    Nothing on bay 128

  • vdelvecchio

    OK….so…..where’s this new, faster release? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

  • DN2004


    I am sure it will take days maybe even weeks to roll out to everyone. I very much doubt it will be instant, they will do it bay by bay like last time

  • nemove15

    Nothing on blu115

  • JSYOUNG571

    No change so far. I wonder for Hotmail Plus is our space going to be increase some more since the regular Hotmail is being increased?

  • damaster

    From LiveSino, picturepan2’s Hotmail account has been upgraded to the new Wave 3 release. Bay136

  • cleitondj

    Ok Today I’ve got up to date my new WAVE 3

    more fast really!!

    screenshots of my wave3 mailbox (p.s. portuguese Brazil language)


  • nikhil_jain

    @ damaster & @ cleitondj

    Thnx fr these SC. But i cnn’t find IM in these SC.

  • DN2004

    IM will only be available in certain counties, Brazil is probably not one of them

  • teaumaz

    Does Hotmail now automatically check for new e-mail or you still have to manually click the “check mail” button?

  • BV2312

    @cleitondj whats the version number of the new hotmail?


    Still nothing on bay117 or Bay115 and 131 (maybe we should do a wiki of all hotmail bays?)

  • luisfelipe

    I read what is written in the announcement that cleitondj posted. It’s written that the integration with Messenger and new options of integration with calendar will be available until the beginning 2009

    @ Cleiton: Vc é do Brasil?

  • Shrenik

    Apparently, the WL Hotmail team blog has come up with a post on the upgrade which again takes us to LiveWire blog…!CC9301187A51FE33!49708.entry


    and it seems manually changing the bays is not working this time…i am on 117, tried changing to 136, but was again sent back to 117!!!

  • BV2312
  • DN2004

    When it launches I mean and then will be rolled out to more.

  • WindowsFan

    Nothing new yet on bay 139.

    I sure hope that signing out will be faster, too. And I hope it will stop taking you to MSN, or at least allow you to change it.

  • Edgar J.

    wow, no update here :'(

  • BV2312

    Plus the weekend is coming up…. NOOOOOOOOOO

  • cleitondj

    @ luisfelipe yes brazilian from Brazil :)

    @ BV2312 – I dont know to see version.. sorry, how to?

  • orionll

    Bays 135, 144, 117 aren’t on wave 3.

    col103 and blu117 aren’t on wave 3 wither…

  • Edgar J.

    No update here, can anyone send screenshot of the Web Messenger?

  • zaf

    bay 131 not working yet.

  • BV2312

    @cleitondj if you go to the main page on hotmail wave 3 and go to View, Source somwhere in the ‘frameset’ it will have the version.. don;t wory about it if you can’t do it

  • Abood

    Nothing on bay 122

  • JSYOUNG571

    On the Windows Live Hotmail Blog majority of all people are complaining about the upgrade. They are demanding that Microsoft switch them back to the original hotmail. There are complaints that they can’t open their emails, see their folders, or send email.

  • cleitondj


    13.2.0230.0925 build version