Live Mesh to support devices and peripherals, hints at FrameIt integration

We’ve seen that Live Mesh supports PCs, Macs, Windows Mobile, and perhaps also your Home Server, Xbox, Zune, and Mobile Car, but digging through our PDC2008 materials we’ve learnt that Live Mesh will even support all your computer devices and peripherals – so expect Live Mesh coming soon to your printers, digital cameras, and digital photo frames!

live%20mesh%20devices_thumb_422794a2 News

Jeremy Mazner’s presentation showed us how Live Mesh for Devices will support “mesh devices” such as your home printer (it even shows your ink levels and what documents you’ve recently printed!):

devices_thumb_43c83aa9 News device%20support_thumb_6fd511cd News

From his presentation he also briefly hinted at Live Mesh’s possible integration with Windows Live FrameIt in the future:

frameit_thumb_59524d79 News

As we’ve previously reported that Live Mesh will likely to join Windows Live in the next wave of services, it’s particularly interesting to look at the possibilities of how Live Mesh can be integrated with the services currently available to us.

Thanks to PP2 at LiveSino again for the heads up!