Live Search Cashback offers 25% rebate on Ebay Buy-It now

cashback%20logo News While search share may not be increasing in the Microsoft camp, they are definitely trying hard to disrupt the market. Their latest effort involves Live Search Cashback, the rebate program that rewards you for buying products through Live Search results.

Users who click through from Live Search to Ebay, and then use Buy-It Now, will receive a 25% rebate to redeem against the purchase!

Unfortunately Cashback is still US only, however I’m sure you can find a friend or two willing to help you out (please check out the shipping costs first). Note to MS, now would be a really good time to show us that UK and EU support you promised.

It looks like the maximum rebate possible from Ebay is $200, which means you’ve got $800 of purchases to make. What are you waiting for?!

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