Tracking Wild Fires With Pitney Bowes And Virtual Earth

We already told you where you can report Storms and track Hurricanes with Virtual Earth, now you can also track fires (US)!

firelocatorbeta_thumb_7b75d59e News Pitney Bowes created The Fire Locator:

FireLocator is an application created by Pitney Bowes Advanced Concepts and Technologies (AC&T) in collaboration with Pitney Bowes MapInfo. Currently released in Beta at, this free, state-of-the-art site disseminates timely critical wildfire data and information to the public. FireLocator integrates data from multiple sources to provide users with comprehensive views of both current and past wildfires. By entering a target address in the address bar, users are able to mark a location of interest on the map using Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s geocoding technology. This allows users to track fires around a specific address, neighborhood, or area of interest.

This Beta application utilizes Microsoft Virtual Earth and Silverlight.

image_11 News  firelocatordatafeeds_thumb_51b25aab News

You can navigate the map to a specific area or search for a specific location, you can even add your own location(s) of interest. There are various data feeds available, which you can turn on or off. More information can be found in Chris Pendleton’s blog post.