Skybox revealed: more info on Microsoft MyPhone to come at Mobile World Congress

By Kip Kniskern | In Mobile | Posted February 6, 2009 9 comments

This morning Engadget Mobile posted a screenshot from, with graphics and copy indicating a new beta called Microsoft MyPhone.  We checked on it this morning but the site was offline by the time we checked it out.


Apparently however Microsoft decided to fess up, issued the following explanation, and at the same time opened up a placeholder page for the new beta:

Today, Microsoft’s My Phone Web site went live prior to its scheduled debut. However, we are excited about the new Microsoft My Phone service, which will be available as a limited, invite-only beta. This is a significant milestone for Microsoft as it connects the phone to the PC and Web, making mobility a key pillar for the company’s software+services strategy.

This new Microsoft cloud service syncs critical information (e.g., contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, text messages, photos, video, etc) on a user’s mobile phone to  a password protected Web site.  Once synchronized, people can easily back-up and restore mobile phone data.  My Phone provides an easy to use Web portal where people can access and manage content on the phone, and share that information with others. 

My Phone helps people:

  • Keep their information backed up if they lose or break their phones.
  • Transition information if they switch to new phones.
  • Access the same information from their phone or PC.
  • Additional  information about the service can be found here:

We will have more details about My Phone and the limited invite only beta at Mobile World Congress.

There’s quite a bit more information on the “learn more” page, including some juicy Windows Live tidbits:

  • In your web account, you can add, edit, and delete contacts and calendar appointments, and the changes will appear on your phone the next time that you sync…
  • Recommended settings will synchronize contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, photos, videos, text messages, music, and documents between your phone and your My Phone web account…
  • If you have Windows Live installed on your phone, it will synchronize your Windows Live contacts with the Windows Live web site, and My Phone will synchronize your other contacts to your account on the My Phone web site…
  • But if you used My Phone on your old mobile phone, download and install Microsoft My Phone on your new mobile phone and sign in to the Microsoft My Phone application on your phone using the same Windows Live ID that you previously used. Then, by synchronizing manually or waiting for the next automatic synchronization, all information that you backed up to your Microsoft My Phone web account will be restored to the new phone.

Unfortunately we won’t be in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, but we’ll be paying close attention and will have lots more soon.

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  • reportered

    I’m puzzled…my WinMob phone already does pretty much all this using the Windows Live app….why would I need a separate MyPhone account?

  • joeale

    Microsoft MyPhone is going two bee a great.
    When will xbox live every where lunched so you play xbox live on mobile cell phone.

  • GoodThings2Life

    MyPhone seems to be geared more for non-Windows Mobile phones since it explicitly states that if you use Exchange/Windows Live that it won’t sync that information the same as other services.

  • trolane

    I personally think it’s a waste of effort.
    windows live for mobile exists and should just be exanded on itself to do the job. Mesh should be integrated with that instead of mesh being it’s own extra client.

    200mb is simply too small for phone backups.

    will i try it out? yes, but I beleive if they just went with mesh and windows live life would be great.

    Microsoft has too many departments doing parallel technologies…

  • JSYOUNG571

    So this is where all the attention has been going instead of focusing on improvements to Windows Live Mobile software and internet? WOW!

  • JohnCz

    I’m interested to see what it can do for me. “If” this is the final branding they have settled on then it is a mess. “My Phone”? It doesn’t have the ring of a service. Maybe if they got rid of the space so it reads “MyPhone”. Ontop of this, there are several sites playing off this name…it needs to differentiate itself more. Here are a couple of suggestions…”SkyMobile”, “MobilePoint” (play of ResponsePoint) or “Windows Live Mobile” (just expand on what that area provides).

  • Hb8

    Why the odd naming convention that doesn’t go with anything else?

    Secondly, I’m cautiously optimistic. While at first glance it doesn’t appear to integrate any of the already existing Windows Live Services (Calendar specifically, Contacts, Email, To-Do (soon I hope) and others) there’s currently not enough information to decide if it’s going to be a redundant product, or work with Windows Live.

    I’ll just say thought that it will be an extremely disappointing product if it does *not* integrate with my already existing Windows Live services though. Come on guys, how hard is it to give me just one place to manage everything across all devices? I thought Windows Live was supposed to be that place?

  • yanverm

    I agree with all comments above. Windows Live mobile is a great way to sync contacts and mails, why not extend it with calender, tasks, documents etc.? Does microsoft realy think that the average consumer wants to install several applications (one for each thing they want to get done)? I don’t think so… So I hope they will soon release all their (beta) products as one application/branding name (just as mobile me)… but that will be hopefull thinking.

  • sp1der

    And meanwhile google release “google sync” … and now you can synchronize email, calendar, tasks, etc. etc. and Microsoft ??????!!!!!