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By Kip Kniskern | Posted February 20, 2009 6 comments

Today’s little flurry over the snow leopard isn’t a big controversy, but it does underscore the fact that people are catching on to images as something cool.  Here in the US, we’ve had them since the Olympics, and personally we’ve found them to be well done.  Beautiful images for the most part, sometimes brightening up a dreary winter day, sometimes making a statement or marking a holiday.  Now thanks to LiveSide reader VasiS, we’ve caught a glimpse of what might be coming next for the home page, a pager (using Silverlight) to go back to that favorite photo from days ago:

Live Search Background from Srikanth on Vimeo.

Live Search has been known to try out new stuff in select market segments before, and it looks like VasiS is one of the lucky ones to be seeing this (not seeing it here, on any browser).  Somewhat strangely he’s seeing it only on Chrome, not in FireFox or IE8, not sure why.  Here’s a screenshot showing the pager:


Now of course pretty pictures aren’t going to boost market share, but hey if it gets people looking, and trying Live Search, it can’t hurt!

Posted February 20th, 2009 at 9:34 am
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  • lbastie

    Make those beautiful live search pages available outside of the US: France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Swiss… As many users as in the US would enjoy it.

  • foaf

    What would boost market share is if they invested in inovation – they should buy asap! Ok so it’s only a skin over the top of a search engine, but it’s fast and actually useful.

    Pretty pics are ok, but apparently MS’s servers couldn’t handle the load if they expanded it outside the US.

  • Gordon

    You can use the Live-Search with those images even outside the US when using

    I’m taking a daily screenshot of those pictures since October, 31th 2008 – until this pager is available to all visitors you can take a look at my gallery: :-)

    Oh, and I saw this silverlight pager a few days ago, too – on February, 7th 2009: This was with IE7 on Windows XP SP3

    Greets from germany,

  • Quikboy

    I saw that more than a month ago, and posted about it on my blog. It kept showing up in Safari on Windows, but not IE for some reason.

  • salmonsushi

    Imagine you are using dial-up or your internet is capped. Will you go to google or live search with such a large image background?

  • Seika

    The pictures load later, until then the search box is usable. Of course, there’s always the search box in the top right corner of browser window.

    I’ve just seen it tonight. Seems to be limited to the most recent one week. The text in the tip boxes also looks thicker (effect of anti-aliasing?)