Office Live Workspace: New Features

By Sunshine | In News | Posted February 25, 2009 4 comments

Our friend PicturePan2, just pointed out some changes on Office Live workspace. First off he sees a new header that says Tech Preview:WorkspaceTechPrev workspacebeta 
I’ve checked, but on mine it has the beta header (second image above). I wonder what’s up with that…doesn’t a technical preview go before a beta? Why would they go back to a technical preview?

The new features, which the team announced, I do see:

· Folders –To simplify organization, now you can use folders to manage files within workspaces. We know many of you were creating new workspaces whenever you needed to group related documents, so we’re really happy about this feature.

· Cut/Copy/Paste–Want to copy a document or file to another workspace? We’ve replaced the File/Move feature with Cut/Copy/Paste to make it even easier to manage your files.

Besides these new features they also announced they will increase the storage capacity to 5GB over the next several days. Some good news for non English users of Workspace too, 8 new languages were added: Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Serbian Latin, Ukrainian, Slovak, Latvian, and Slovenian. Office Live Workspace is available now in 28 languages and 52 countries.

Posted February 25th, 2009 at 1:16 pm
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  • damaster

    Thanks Sunshine! Just some more information regarding the “technical preview” header. According to Picturepan2 on the Technical Preview header is for the upcoming “Office Web Apps” where users will be able to edit and collaborate working on the same Office document. This service is currently under technical preview stage to very limited testers and is apparently branded as part of “Office Live Workspace”.

    For your information, check out . Do note that this service is not open to the public and an approved Windows Live ID is required to gain access to the service.

  • Sunshine

    Thanks for the explanation, Damaster :)

  • Alber1690

    Folders! Finally…

  • paperlock

    When will access add two office live online plus visio and office accounting professional.