The new Windows Live FrameIt is here! SDK now available for download

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Back in January 2009 we briefly reported that Windows Live FrameIt will be getting a Wave 3 facelift and that there will be a FrameIt client and SDK available soon. Soon after we exclusively gave everyone a sneak peek of what the new FrameIt would look like and outlined what some of the new features will be. Today, Microsoft have officially updated Windows Live FrameIt beta to the new Wave 3 look with some the changes we mentioned before. Here’s what the new version looks like:


Facebook Yes you saw it right – the new FrameIt is now able to import your photos stored on Photobucket and Picasa into your digital photo frame. Is that not enough? Don’t worry, we heard that Facebook and Windows Live Photos integration will be coming soon too! Unfortunately, we’re still seeing no signs of Flickr or Live Mesh integration.

One other new feature is the new Live Search source that you’ll be able to add to your FrameIt collection. This source basically allow users to type in a search query on Live Search Images and retrieves all the image search results as a feed into your collection. It is recommended that you choose your search query carefully as sometimes you might get irrelevant results displayed on your FrameIt feed.

We also told you last time that the Windows Live FrameIt Software Development Kit will be available soon as well. For those developers out there, it is now available for you all to download.

Click here for the download link to the SDK.

What’s even more exciting is that we’re hearing the Windows Live FrameIt Client we told you about last time will be available soon. Here’s a more detailed description of what the new Client will be able to do for you:

Windows Live FrameIt allows you to collect content from across the Web to display on Internet connected devices. Now, the Windows Live FrameIt client is available to help you display your FrameIt collections on a broader range of devices and applications. Have a keychain frame that downloads images from your PC? Want to use your FrameIt collections with your screensaver? Use the FrameIt client to synchronize images from FrameIt to your PC and voila, your devices and applications will automatically be updated with all of your aggregated content.

To check out the new Windows Live FrameIt, visit

Stay tuned at LiveSide for the latest exciting updates coming to FrameIt!

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  • paperlock

    How do i get my xbox game card and zune card.

  • joeale

    What wood nice two able two with windows live frameit is two get my xbox game card and zune card work on windows live frameit and able stream from windows live photos and windows live gallery photo two the zune and the xbox 360.

  • gregsedwards

    Now if I could only afford one of those fancy frames that works with the FrameIt service, I could actually try this out.

  • emiliano84

    when i click on messenger 2009 on email link…my browser go still to ol hotmail login page, when they’ll update to wave3 look? i prefere if they add autologin too…everytime i need to insert username and password :(

  • damaster

    @emiliano84: Which internet browser are you currently using? I had the same problem as you before with Safari 3 browser where the Hotmail sign in page remains at the old wave 2 look. However it is now showing the new Wave 3 look. Try cleaning your web browser’s cache and temporary internet files and see if that will work.

    For auto login, make sure that you have installed “Windows Live Sign-in Assistant” when you’re installing Windows Live Messenger, and that you’ve checked the “Remember me on this computer” and “Remember my password” options on the sign in page.