Windows Live Translator (partially) rebranded under Live Search

By LiveSide | In News | Posted March 3, 2009 9 comments

Together with all the new buzz with the latest Live Search updates, we noticed Microsoft silently rebranded their Translator service from Windows Live to Live Search – although this rebrand is long overdue as Translator had been under the Live Search umbrella for a long time. Here’s a screenshot of the service after the rebrand, fitted with the Live Search header:

Live Search Translator 

The new service also has a new URL too, now located at . Of course, the old still works as usual as well and redirects to this new domain.

Update: To add to this confusing branding mess, we discovered that Microsoft decided to leave the old URL with the old Wave 2 Windows Live UI with the old branding, while providing the exact same service as the apparently new “Live Search Translator”. Seems like instead of “rebranding”, they simply made two services doing the same job. Weren’t we talking about cleaning up the branding mess a few minutes ago Microsoft?

Posted March 3rd, 2009 at 1:36 pm
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  • gregsedwards

    I’m flummoxed by Microsoft’s often confusing organizational decisions. Instead of simplifying their services by removing barriers, they seem to be creating new ones.

    We used to have MSN for all consumer online services (including search), then Live (with search, maps, etc.) and Windows Live (without search, maps, etc.), and now Live Search seems to be pulling even more services over to its side. So now we have MSN for news, entertainment, etc.; Windows Live for social networking, email, calendar, etc.; and Live Search for search, maps, translation, QnA, etc. And while they have this loose confederation of functionality between them, it seems they all have their own UX style.

    Why not one consistent service for all consumer online services under one consolidated banner? This is (partly) why people are hesitant to put their eggs in Microsoft’s online basket; there’s just too much identity confusion.

  • reportered – who is going to remember that URL…at least was in line with all the other URL’s ( etc)….maybe will be the final one LOL

  • lbastie

    QnA is now under MSN, no more Live. (see 2 weeks old post on that).

    I agree, some Branding adjustments are required:
    – MSN for content
    – Windows Live for Software + services, extension of the PC in the cloud makes sense
    – Live for search (not Kumo please) of words, video, images, maps, addresses… Maybe called Yahoo in the end a cool word.

    So, translator should fall under?

  • donbt99

    for some reason when I click on the old link avast is triggering a virus alert (HTML:Script-inf)

  • CalumJR

    Avast has also blocked the new Windows Live Translator for me…

  • donbt99

    There is a new update for avast virus database and it is fixed now :)

  • nikhil_jain

    Kent Compton , a product planner for Windows Live Essentials, has set up the following e-mail address

    For User Feeddback and What would you like changed/improved in Windows Live? Wave 4

  • lbastie

    It seems that still has the old branding:

  • wmac

    @reportered, exactly. why we need a new domain name for everything? This just spreads the effort needed to make people remember urls.

    As others mentioned, what’s wrong with, and

    I really become crazy looking at messy marketing activities being done here. Is there a proper marketing team behind this at all?