Closing Hotmail brings you to

Just saw someone twitter about this, and seems to be true, although not sure how long this has been going on: when you sign out of Hotmail, instead of being taken to, you are now taken to  This works even if you have, say, set as your default search in IE.

So signing in to Hotmail from MSN:

msnhotmail_thumb_32bad1e5 News and then signing out: hotmailsignout_thumb_3733e35d News

Takes you to

livehomepage_thumb_139cd667 News  

Unfortunately, since lately has turned into one great big beta test, with features appearing and disappearing at will, we can’t use the pager to go back to yesterdays cute otters picture.  Here’s some baby otters, anyway:

babyotters_thumb_5e26a4f2 News

Sending people to visit the page seems like a no brainer to get them to try out Live Search, although the advertisers on might not be too happy.