Add Windows Live Calendar badge to your blog or website

A nice post over on the Hotmail blog has some simple instructions on how to add a Windows Live Calendar “badge” to your blog or website, using an iframe. 

calendarbadge_thumb_544c6c36 News

(Not sure why our badge doesn’t show the month calendar, hey it’s only been out for a day)
Update: Apparently this is a bug in IE8 betas, you can run LiveSide in compatibility view to fix

Basically you just make sure to share your calendar publicly, get the ID and the name of the calendar, drop it in a line of code, and drop that in a sidebar widget or where ever you want on your blog or website, like we’ve done here in the left sidebar.  Since we’re not masters at configuration, we’ll wait for the next post which will detail how to theme the badge, but nice to be able to place a Windows Live Calendar on the site and then manage it from  Instructions on the Hotmail blog, with more to come