– Handy, Yet Little Known Features: Currency Conversion, Calculator And Dictionary

We already knew about tracking flight status from Live Search, and yet again Ian Moulster tipped three more handy features many of us will find very useful:

1. Currency Conversion (MSN Money)

 lsmoney1_thumb_4c4f52b7 News   lsmoney2_thumb_54efab43 News

You can type it in either full or abbreviation (USD, GBP, EUR etc.) at that!

2. Calculator

You can type in regular calculations (100*2.5) or formulas and Live Search gives you the answer:

lscalculator_thumb_0e92452e News

3. Dictionary (Encarta)

Ever heard a word and didn’t know what it meant? Live Search to the rescue! Simply type in “define polish” and you will presented with the answer by Microsoft Encarta:

lsdefine_thumb_3e00b3fa News

Now what will happen with this one? Microsoft has already announced MSN Encarta is to be discontinued on October 31, 2009 (with the exception of Japan, it’ll be discontinued there on December 31, 2009). Sure would be a shame to see this one go…maybe someone at Microsoft is reading this and can enlighten us?