Mac’s Are For Kids? New Laptop Hunters Ad

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted April 9, 2009 3 comments

Microsoft just aired the newest version of its popular “Laptop Hunters” ad. So far we’ve seen Lauren & G buy HP’s. Now we are bumping up a style and price level to Sony’s VIAO line up.

 In the spot “Lisa and Jackson” are searching for a laptop with “A big hard-drive and is fast, cause sometimes we need to look up stuff fast then get to baseball in time”. They take time to peak at some Mac’s, which they deem as “Dude these things are way way more money”. The biggest Apple slam comes when Lisa remarks to the camera “Cause those are popular with kids of those age”. What do kids like? Bright , shiny things of course :P .  So far I love where these ad’s are going…. do you?

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Posted April 9th, 2009 at 6:49 am
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  • yertthedestroyer

    The reaction to Blu-Ray was outrageously silly and scripted. I don’t know anyone save hardcore PS3 fans who would react so excitedly to Blu-Ray.

  • yogi76

    I think one of the biggest problems with these ads is that they seem to reinforce the “Macs are better but more expensive” myth. While they are more expensive, they are not any better. The danger in just dissing Macs on price alone is that if Apple ever decides to release some cheaper machines, you’re screwed.

  • Quikboy

    I think people are blowing the whole “Macs are for kids” thing out of proportion. She just said Macs are very appealing for his age group, which I think means just young people in general. It’s true though, from tweens to teens, you do see a lot of them wanting Macs. Why? Apple’s ubiquitous advertising everywhere (ads, product placement, people who have never used a quality PC), Apple fanboys proclaiming Macs superiority, the design and ‘fresh’ look of OS X, etc.

    That doesn’t mean it’s “for kids”.