SkyDrive Gets Minor Update

The SkyDrive Team Blog has just posted about an update they are rolling out. The main changes to come are sorting your files how you want them, and viewing pictures of your friends who have been tagged (using WL Photo Gallery).

From the blog entry:

Arrange your photos

Now you can arrange the photos in your albums in the order you want them to appear by clicking Sort by, and selecting Arrange photos.

arrange_menu News

If you have Silverlight, you can arrange your photos by simply dragging them into the order you want. You can also sort your photos and files by name, size, date, or type. Now you can arrange the photos in your albums and slide shows and tell stories the way you want to tell them!

View photos of yourself and your friends

Coming soon when you visit your friends’ profiles you can view photos they’re tagged in by selecting “Photos of <your friend’s name>” from the menu under their profile picture.  You’ll see this entry point in a few days!

profile News

The other update concerns the continued integration of Windows Live Favourites (yes, I’m including a “u” :P). So while this update isn’t huge, it’s nice to see that we’re not having to wait until Wave 4 before we start seeing some new features.

We’re also hearing some reports that Windows Live Sync might be having a couple of issues at the moment, so maybe they’re having some problems, or maybe they are sorting things out for an update, only time will tell I guess.