Windows Live Video Messages joins the Wave 3 family too, update coming soon! (Updated)

vmessages_4b1022a2 Featured News The Windows Live Video Messages team just announced on their blog that their website will get an update in two weeks. Included in this update will be a change in the header to match the rest of the Windows Live Wave 3 properties. Here’s a list of updates the team posted on their blog:

  • Easier to use and find functionality, especially creating new videos
  • One click access to other Windows Live services via top header 
  • Full support for Internet Explorer 8 (you won’t need to run in compatibility mode)
  • Bug fixes
  • Update: Ability to save video message to a local drive for website users (gadget users have always been able to do this)
  • Update: Stay tuned for more!
  • Windows Live Video Messages was released not long before the Wave 3 theme was revealed, and it had always been criticised for not having the same standardised header as any other Windows Live services. It’s definitely a smart move to give it a consistent look with each of the other Wave 3 services.

    It seems like Video Messages isn’t the first to revamp to the standardised Wave 3 header – not long ago FrameIt and Sync were just given the facelift – and it sure looked impressive. Which makes us wonder what will come next? Perhaps, Gallery or even Alerts (which still has the Wave 1 header)? We sure hope Microsoft haven’t forgotten about them!

    Check out Windows Live Video Messages at

    Update: The Video Messages team just posted a sneak peek screenshot of what it’ll look like!