Countdown to Kumo? Neowin reader spots 40 day clock

By Kip Kniskern | In Bing | Posted April 26, 2009 5 comments

A post on a Neowin forum crossed our path this weekend (thanks for the tip, CalumJR!): apparently the poster was hanging out at Bldg 88 (which does house parts of Live Search), and spotted a “Countdown to Kumo” clock on a TV there. 

I’m just sitting in MS now and there is a TV with a preview of kumo, the countdown says 40days 18 hours. If this intrests anyone.

The post is time-stamped April 23 22:05, so if our math is right (and when has our math EVER been right?), that puts the Zero Hour at or around 4pm Tuesday June 2nd.

What makes that date particularly interesting, of course, is that its the night before Qi Lu’s first keynote, at SMX Advanced in SeattleDr. Lu, Microsoft Online Services Division President, who spent 10 years at Yahoo! before coming to Microsoft on January 5th, will make his first public appearance in a keynote at 9am pdt on Wednesday June 3rd.  We’ll be there, of course, and we’ll have more on Search and SMX Advanced soon, stay tuned.

Just for fun we created our own countdown clock, in the right hand sidebar.  Anyone wandering by Bldg 88 who wants to check our clock settings is welcome to send us a tip!

Posted April 26th, 2009 at 5:31 am
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  • orionll

    It would be great if someone who sees the countdown TV/clock could take a picture of it, as the picture would most likely be timestamped and we could work out the exact timing and stuff. Just a thought :P.

  • JSYOUNG571

    (IMO) I still can not understand why Microsoft will not just merge Kumo in and leave it as Live Search or change to Windows Live Serach. The name Kumo just totally takes away from the Windows Live Brand. You can do a Live Search sounds better than Kumo it.

  • dw82

    Windows Live is a terrible brand outside of a behind the scene group title. It’s far too long and makes you think it’s just Windows! Are the services and programs and services under the Windows Live umbrella good ? Yes, Microsoft are on the right direction but is it a good brand ? 50/50

    Windows Live Blah Blah Blah program
    Windows Live another blah blah program.

    Brands need to roll off the tongue. Windows Live is a good group brand but individually it’s awful. “Catch you on Windows Live Messenger later!” Friend “What?!, oh MSN..” “Yea”

    Xbox – Good brand
    Zune – Good Brand
    Live Search – No snap to it. Boring, terrible in idle conversation,
    Kumo – Rolls off the tongue, stands out. Isn’t tied obviously to Windows. Feels open.

    Sure, features of the search engine matter but so does the brand and Live Search could be the best search engine ever but will never get close to Google without a cool brand.

    People don’t say Windows Live Messenger, they say MSN. They don’t say MP3 Player or Apple iPod, they say iPod. Microsoft need people to say Kumo, not Live Search.

  • orionll

    dw82 has a good point there, at least as far as names go.

  • JohnCz

    @dw82, I partially agree. Live Search doesn’t roll off the tongue as a verb and requires to much thinking as a name because of its relationship with Windows Live. I like “Sift” as a potential brand replacement for Live Search.

    As for Windows Live branding..I think they wanted non-technical consumers to easily make the analogy that this is simply an extension of Windows. The whole point is to extend users experience to hosted web services that target & highlight Windows. I think we’re going to see Microsoft push even more pieces of Windows to Windows Live platform. That all said, I agree that names with more than two words is far from ideal. Its very confusing to hear two different names mentioned when talking about the service and/or client component to that service (ie. Live Hotmail and Windows Live Mail). I wonder if “Bing” might be a potential brand replacement for “Windows Live” services.