Windows Live Video Messages Has Now Been Updated To Wave 3

By Sunshine | In News | Posted April 29, 2009 9 comments

VideoMessagesWave3Windows Live Video Messages has now been updated to Wave3, as promised nearly 2 weeks ago. As you can see it now has the Wave 3 header, so you can navigate easier between all the Windows Live services.
Besides the list of updates we already gave you, PicturePan2 spotted the storage space has also been increased from 2GB to 4GB. You may have noticed this storage meter in the screenshot:
You can display that after you’ve installed the ActiveX control for Settings (Options > Settings):
Speaking of sending video messages: If you have a LifeCam, like me, you can also install the LifeCam Video Messages Gadget, which makes it even easier to send video messages to your friends.

Posted April 29th, 2009 at 12:06 pm
  • CKurt

    It’s not good that you need to install an ActiveX controll. I hate them! Why doens’t silverlight allow access to the webcam of my system? Flash does (if you provide access). Somebthing to think about for Silverlight 4 microsoft !

  • CalumJR

    The Windows Live Team have a big problem.

    They said that with Wave 3, everything would be more consistent with the new header and all the services, yet Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Video Messages and a few other services (including Windows Live Support and Windows Live Help) do not recognise the dynamic themes chosen by the user. This is ridiculous! If they can do this for one service, they can do it with all – easily. Especially with something like Windows Live Hotmail which is the most used service, it makes sense to have it more consistent with Home and Profle to recognise this themes.

    It’s actually starting to annoy me greatly, I can’t believe they would overlook such a thing.

    Windows Live Video Messages is one of the worst offenders as that doesn’t even have a favicon. Now, a favicon I can live without, but it does show a lack of professionalism and just makes a whole website look ugly in my opinion.

    I’m shocked the program managers would let products through which don’t have a favicon and don’t recognise the dynamic themes when it can be so easily asjusted.

  • JSYOUNG571

    I am glad that the Windows Live Video Message program has crossed over to the Wave 3 family. Since it is in beta…I am hoping for a lot of improvements to the service. 1.) Making Windows Live Video Message available on the Windows Live Menu and on the Windows Live Toolbar. Right now to access Windows Live Video Message I have to save the address in my favorites to get to it. 2.) There should be a link for Windows Live Video Message in Windows Live Hotmail. If we choose to send a video from our email accounts, we can click on the link.That could be included within the drop down menu that is on the right side of our email accounts with maps, restaurants, pictures, etc. 3.) There should be a link on Windows Live Messenger for Windows Live Video Message if we want to leave a video for someone offline, sort of like leaving a voicemail. When some one appears back online an icon would flash on messenger letting them know a video message was left for them while they were offline. Just some ideas to help improve the service and make it very useful for the Windows Live Fans. BTW! Has anybody notice how slow the calendar has been updating itself lately? I deleted someone from my address book 1 month ago and there birthday is still listed in my birthday calendar.I can’t delete it or anything. Also I had to change someones birthday date and it took a week and a half for it to update. What is going on with the Calendar Server?

  • paperlock

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  • JohnCz

    Live Video Messages probably doesn’t need its own portal site. There really isn’t any aspect of it that couldn’t be integrated into Live Hotmail, Live People and SkyDrive.

  • lbastie

    It should be a feature of hotmail, messenger and home Live. Also, it would be nice in Facebook.

  • JSYOUNG571

    I have played around with the Windows Video Message system for a couple of days and have noticed some missing features as compard to the above illustraion. I have notice that Windows Live Video Message does not work within Web Messenger as far as showing rather your friends are on line for you to send them a IM from the contact list in Windows Live Video Message. However it works if you have Windows Live Messenger open. Also…I do not see the bar meter for storage at all despite numerous times I had downloaded the active x with my camera. After all it is we will see what happens.

  • joeale

    Windows live onecare sould intergated with Windows Live Video Messages.

  • damaster

    @JSYOUNG571: You have to go to “Options” and check the box to display the storage meter.