A note on some LiveSide housekeeping

LiveSidelogo News We’ve been doing a little spring cleaning here at LiveSide, and just wanted to note a couple of things:


Our RSS feed, from Feedburner, is http://feeds2.feedburner.com/liveside.  Feedburner (owned by Google) has changed their address a couple of times recently.  If you’ve subscribed via feedburner, this shouldn’t affect you, but we’ve updated the feed buttons to reflect the latest changes (which happened a while ago, but hey we’ve been busy!).  Also, something that Feedburner did very recently affected our MoFuse mobile link at http://m.liveside.net.  We updated our account with MoFuse to point to feeds2.feedburner, but if you missed our last post, that should be fixed.

By the way, we’ve expanded our Blogs We Like section, which now contains headlines from other independent bloggers and Microsoft watchers, Windows Live team blogs, and essential Microsoft blogs and news sources.  Its a great way to quickly keep up with the latest on Windows Live from all across the web.


We really don’t like spam comments very much at all, and are happy to have eliminated almost all of it by requiring you to log in to comment.  Unfortunately we broke one of the pages in the “Join LiveSide” process in our last little update, and it slipped by us for a time.  If you tried to join, and got an error message, so sorry.  You actually did create an account, just the Welcome page was broken.  Anyway all better now.

Messenger Web Toolkit

We’re very interested in adding the Messenger web toolkit (which was updated recently) to LiveSide, but we’ve been holding off, mainly because at this point logging in to the web toolkit, and logging in to LiveSide via Live ID authentication are disconnected processes.  Without some custom code (and we’re looking into it, so stay tuned), logging into the toolkit wouldn’t necessarily mean that you were logged in to LiveSide – so you could utilize Messenger, but not be able to comment, or vice versa.  Hopefully we can get it all working without much pain for our existing Live ID authentication users, we should know more soon.