Windows Mobile #2 Smartphone OS in US: ComScore

You might not tell it from listening to all the buzz about the iPhone, but according to numbers from a February 2009 comScore survey of US smartphone users over the age of 13, Windows Mobile is the #2 OS in the US, with 27% share at 6.8 million current users.  The numbers, published May 5th by mobile developer website, show that RIM (Blackberry) holds the number one position, with iPhone trailing Windows Mobile, and Palm and Android bringing up the rear. published each individual OS on a separate page, but another site,, was nice enough to put them all together into a chart:

Android Symbian PalmOS iPhone WM RIM
427914 888532 2398755 5258504 6807554 9668977
2% 3% 9% 21% 27% 38%

We checked with comScore, who only release a small portion of their surveys as press releases, just to make sure these numbers came from them.  We don’t often get to see comparisons like these, and sometimes, especially since seemingly everyone in the Silicon Valley press has an iPhone, we forget what the market really looks like.  It will be interesting to see how these numbers play out after the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 later this year, and then Windows 7 sometime in 2010.