Email woes

Well the fun just never stops around here.  Without going into detail, we’ve been fighting some email issues recently.  In an attempt to deal with them, we made some configuration changes yesterday that seemed to have caused a bit of a stir (and were the source of the “doh” moment that we wrote about last night).  Some email coming from LiveSide (password change requests, etc.) may have been backed up in our system for quite some time, and been released all at once, yesterday.

Sorry for any confusion.  Until we get this all straightened out, if you can’t remember your password (or if you have any other issues or questions), shoot us an email at feedback *at* liveside *dot* net and we can provide you with a temporary password that you can then change on the site.

Thanks for reading LiveSide, sorry for any inconvenience, and hooboy isn’t this fun.