Some more on – that confusing trademark will soon become Blinko

Microsoft acquired in March, and has a network all set up:

bingnetwork_thumb_632a3ac5 News  

but as we reported last week, there’s that pesky little US Patent and Trademark Office to get around.  The problem is with Bing Mobile, which is just too confusing for the USPTO.  But apparently that will soon be cleared up, too, as evidenced by a note on the Bing mobile site:

blinkosoon_thumb_1041b845 News

And the ever-watchful MG Siegler over at TechCrunch may have even spotted the logo in a favicon:

bingfavicon_thumb_2220dcc3 News  

While we freely admit we have grown to like Kumo, the evidence for Bing keeps mounting, and people even seem to like it, according to a poll Emil Protalinski is running over at Ars Technica.  Who knew?