Bing goes live in multiple markets

By Kip Kniskern | Posted June 1, 2009 17 comments

Getting reports from all over that is live:


The US is getting the Hubble telescope image that is on, but for at least some other countries (we didn’t check them all), they’re getting our old friend the snow leopard:


Note that in China, as well as Australia and Germany for sure, the Bing home page is marked as “Beta” and not “preview”, and seems to be missing some features, like the Explore pane on the left hand side (links are above the search box, as they are at


You can learn more about Bing by taking the Tour.

Posted June 1st, 2009 at 7:46 am
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  • nikhil_jain

    Yeah same image is also for india as wel. I am missing lots of feature include left pane , mouse hover link preview and many other.!

  • KC Mraz

    For Mexico too. Actually, it is literally Live Search with a different look. No new features, the same search results, everything sans the look and name is the same.

    Hopefully it will be updated by Wednesday for the formal launch.

  • shrenik

    Live Maps changed to Bing Maps!
    typing diverts me to bing maps which again is ‘preview’ and not ‘beta’!!!

  • shrenik

    and yea, the best one is…an option to see the past homepage images with a mention of the date when the pic was on the homepage!!!

    check out

  • shrenik

    video search enables u to browse top videos too which is an option on left botton…

  • Khristopher

    In Canada it’s preview, not beta, which is nice to see. Tired of seeing the word “beta” everywhere.

    The image is different from the ones you showed though.

  • Englez

    In Serbia it’s also “preview”…nice present for my birthday today :) …thanks Microsoft.

  • mdsharpe

    the UK has an image of some coastal town, says “Beta”, but the explore stuff appears to be working

  • mdsharpe

    Actually no all I’m getting is “ALL RESULTS”

  • JSYOUNG571

    Nice to see Bing even thou I felt it should have remain Live Search. I wonder when they are going to change the Live Search over to Bing in the Windows Live Toolbar search area, internet explorer 8 search bar, and Windows Live Mobile search bar?

  • GraphiteCube

    I can’t understand why Microsoft can’t make the design consistent and make features available in all markets. The US version is better (in terms of layout) and has a video search, which Hong Kong version doesn’t.

  • shrenik

    @JSYOUNG571: IE8 as well as toolbar now direct u to when u have live search as ur default search.

  • damaster

    Btw, the Bing search provider for IE7/8 is now available:

  • damaster

    From Bing’s twitter post: “we are not yet fully deployed but we agree we need to keep working on worldwide coverage issues. thanks for your help!”

  • Quikboy

    Been using it, and it’s almost the same as Live Search, with just a few modifications (that couldn’t have just updated Live Search with?).

    Though it has nailed down probably all my results, it still gets ‘on10′ query wrong. The closest it gets to the results is usually on the 3rd page, with listed (though would be better). You think Microsoft could nail this one, consider the site is associated with Microsoft….

  • gaetanomarano

    despite the good results reached with Bing in the SE market share, I believe that Microsoft STILL needs to buy Yahoo (this year) to really compete with Google, as explained in this article:

  • bf1977

    Bing is cool and fantastic.