Boys and girls, the first Bing commercial

By Kip Kniskern | Posted June 3, 2009 11 comments

Thanks to one of our alert readers, we get our first look at a Bing commercial:

More information on the Bing Virtual Presskit page on Microsoft Press Pass

Of course it’s a natural that we’d get the cute little “Bing” sound, but will it be cute overload?  We’ll let you sound off on what you think of the new commercial, and we’ll have more as Dr. Qi Lu speaks at SMX Advanced tomorrow.

(and no, we’re not going to change our name to BingSide!)

Posted June 3rd, 2009 at 9:23 am
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  • jamiet

    Errr…what’s all that stuff about bail-outs and companies collapsing? What’s that got to do searching?

    I’m a bit confused!

  • yertthedestroyer

    As much as I love Microsoft’s products, their vision videos and the product use projected in commercials is way too freaking happy. It’s annoying.

  • Khristopher

    They censored the word crap? Haha. What is this? 1955?

  • tophtucker

    I feel like it’s a cross between the Dr. Strangelove trailer and Powerthirst.

  • Alber1690

    There are some elements in that commercial which I really, really liked; I hope the general public agrees. I think it appropriately builds enough curiosity to give a try, but let’s hope they’re not too confused about what it is in the first place.

  • brentgv

    I think I pretty much agree with everyone above. Hard to tell if this ad is going to sell it.

  • RLP

    I like the concept, but I think the execution was a bit sloppy. I think the last half sold the “decision engine” idea fairly well, but the first half was unfocused and didn’t adequately lead into the second half.

  • damaster

    Did anyone realise Bing is no longer “preview” in the US.
    But it’s still “Beta” in other countries outside the US.

    Also, apparently Bing Travel is a combination of MSN Travel and Farecast.

  • Cubkyle

    Hoy, if they want a good commercial, they should make a commercial with Crazy Frog. Half of the “singing” he does is comprised of Bings!

  • andrew19ao

    The sensored the word crap but it was really well done, not a beep.

    Good commerical, I liked it.

  • puppet

    i hate the way he says Bing! lol