Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Full?

By Sunshine | In News | Posted June 24, 2009 6 comments

If you thought let’s download Microsoft Security Essentials today, you are too late! Well, at least for now if you wanted the US-EN version:
We are not sure about the availability in Israel, the People’s Republic of China or Brazil but if not full already they surely will be soon. Do you know? Let us know in the comments below.

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta
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Posted June 24th, 2009 at 4:02 pm
  • sboots

    China is not yet available for MSE – within 30 days is what was announced…
    Brazil/Portuguese language version is still available
    US/Israel English language is currently closed/full

  • gregsedwards

    Got a report from a friend in the UK who says she downloaded it successfully. Is the beta available there or did she just grab a US-EN copy?

  • Gilly

    To begin with people in the UK couldn’t download it then after about 30 mins I was able to and the connect page said it was available to the UK too. No idea why I could get it though as it was never mentioned that it would be open to people in the UK.

    I got my x64 and x86 versions so I am very happy though :)

  • Sunshine

    Thanks for the update Steve :) We first read China would get MSE later, then on the site it was right there in the list of countries..confusing eh?
    gregsedwards and Gilly, just like you we didn’t hear from Microsoft about it being officially available in the UK either. Lots of confusion all around, ppl from other countries were able to grab it too whilst officially they shouldn’t be able too.

  • xgrinch

    EN-US is not available on Microsoft’s site anymore, but can be found on other hosting sites.
    Installs without any hastle.

  • brentgv

    I’m glad I snatched it while I could…yesterday. The software is so light. Updating the virus defs was quick, as was the scan. If it’s as effective as the anti-malware stuff in the later versions of OneCare, then this will be a big hit.