Bing: The First Month

binglogo_5f00_5f00_5f00_thumb_5f00_5f00_5f00_01ee3c3b1_5f00_thumb_5f00_5495e40b1_thumb_3022915a Bing We’ve been keeping an eye on Bing and reported some statistics, as many blogs and news sites did, here too. So now, over one month after launch, how did Bing do?

The Bing Search Blog reports the following:

– An 8% growth in unique users to in June
– The amount of people “likely to recommend” Bing has doubled (based on polling)
Bing Shopping has seen a nearly 3x increase in site visits
– There’s a 5.42% increase in transactions to Bing cashback
– Traffic to Bing Travel has increased by 90% month over month since launch

Advertisers have also seen benefits, such as higher sales and higher click volume. If you are an advertiser check this out. Developers have shown interest too, the number of developers who’ve signed up to use the Bing API has doubled since launched to over 11,000! Doubled! Amazing! And are they writing more apps? Yes, they are. The incoming requests to the API have shot up more than 50% since launch. Part to this success might also be the Bing Toolbox, which we told you about before, the one-stop for everything Bing no matter if you are a webmaster, a publisher, a developer or an advertiser!

And they have only just started! Well done. The team promises a steady progress over the years to come as, according to Yusuf Mehdi, there is so much opportunity and work to be done to improve today’s search and push beyond into new areas, such as their focus on searches that lead to decision making. Speaking about decision making, a new set of Bing ads will air (TV) in the coming weeks, which will provide some detail on lots of the cool features that can help you Bing & decide!