Raxco offers OneCare subscribers special pricing on PerfectSpeed, new PC Optimizer

Raxco Software, makers of PerfectDisk disk defragmentation software, today released PerfectSpeed, a new PC optimization suite that offers “a certified disk defragmenter, registry cleaner, duplicate file remover and advanced privacy protection”.  According to the press release, Raxco is offering users of the soon to be discontinued Windows Live OneCare special pricing with proof of a OneCare subscription:

PerfectSpeed’s special pricing for Windows Live OneCare users is $9.99 for a single license, $19.99 for a 3-user license, and $29.99 for a family license that covers all PCs in a household. This is discounted off the regular pricing of $29.99 for a single user, $59.99 for a 3-user license and $99.99 for a family license. Windows Live OneCare users can go to http://portal.raxco.com/onecare to receive this special offer.

While we haven’t tried the product, one of our dev writers, Colin Brown, apparently has, as his testimonial is featured on the PerfectSpeed website:

perfectspeedcolin_thumb_1bc169bd News

We’ve been pretty happy so far with Microsoft Security Essentials as an anti-virus replacement for OneCare, but kind of miss the all-in-one approach of OneCare for pc optimization.  If you have been a OneCare subscriber, PerfectSpeed (plus an anti-virus solution) may be a replacement alternative.  Let us know what you think, if you do decide to try it out.