Publish Your Photosynth To Facebook

So you got good at creating Photosynths. To share you can send the link to your friends or embed it into your blog but now there is one more: MySynth, a new Facebook app that publishes Photosynths right onto your Facebook profile page.

After you’ve added the application you can go ahead to the MySynth application page and fill out the form.mysynths_thumb_53d435c6 Featured News

Title: the name you wish to give the Synth.
Source URL: the URL of the Synth taken from the address bar or from the embed code of the synth.
Thumbnail Image URL: the URl of the thumbnail.
This is not so obvious. Where do you find the thumbnail and its URL? You can find this by going to the user’s collection of Synths, right click the thumbnail of the Synth you wish to use and choose properties. Copy that URL.
Thumbnail Description: a short description that will be shown next to the thumbnail on publishing
Long description: will be displayed in the Synth view.
Location: where the Synth is taken.
More info URL: URL for linking to a page with more info on the URL. Example: website of the owner. this will be shown at the end of the long description.

Now make sure the checkboxes you want are checked and grant permission for Feed Publishing by clicking the link beside that checkbox, if you want it to be published to the feed. Done, click Add Synth.

Should you wish to edit or remove the Synth later, just go to the application page and click on the View/Edit Synths tab. This app can also publish Synths of others to your Facebook page if you want to share a nice one you saw.

MySynth is created by Speaktech and uses the latest cloud service features in Microsoft Azure for storage.

Source: Publish Your Photosynth to Facebook – Bing Maps Blog – Bing Community