More Bing on iPhones, and more clicks for Bing

binglogo_reverse_lg_thumb_1de748bf Bing At the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose CA yesterday, Bing senior program manager Alessandro Catorcini revealed that Microsoft is testing an Objective C wrapper that will allow iPhone application developers to add Bing search results to their applications.

An InfoWorld report quotes Catorcini:

"Right now, there is an unneeded step to climb to integrate Bing results in your iPhone app but we want to make that smooth," he said. "We want to make it as easy as link [a] library, create an object — bam — you’re done."

Bing continues to make progress in the marketplace, with Nielsen Online reporting more positive numbers for Bing in July.  Perhaps more importantly, at least one search marketing firm working with large advertisers, Efficient Frontier, is reporting that paid click share for Bing is up 44%.

Silicon Alley Insider cautions against reading too much into the numbers:

Be careful reading too much into this data. It’s just from one source, and besides, Efficient Frontier does most of its business with very large advertisers. Bing could have more or less paid click market share from Mom and Pop advertisers, which make up most of rival Google’s business.

We agree that almost any data coming from parties with somewhat vested interests should be treated with caution, however the Efficient Frontiers report, and SAI’s disclaimer, point out an important feature of Bing.  It may not be necessary, or even particularly desirable, for Bing to win across the board market share against Google, at least early on.  By going for the jugular, that is paid click share from large advertisers, Bing could make significant inroads into Google’s share of revenue, leaving those “Mom and Pop” advertisers, and search share for searches that don’t pay, to Google.  Bing’s focus on key (lucrative) verticals such as shopping and travel seem to be having an effect, and search marketers and advertisers are certainly taking notice.